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Comparing The Dodge Caravan and The Chrysler Town & Country

Compare the Chrysler Wheelchair Van and the Dodge Wheelchair Van.

The Chrysler Town & Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan. Two different brands, each with various models to choose from. Yet, these vans are so very much alike.

Both vehicles are based on the same basic platform: engine and frame. While, each features different body sculptures, wheel choices, grill fascias and interiors.

The Caravan is often thought of as the more sporty, utilitarian minivan. This is possible because we offer a Type S conversion package for this model, complete with racing stripes and a custom logo. While, the Town & Country simply appeals to a more luxury-oriented audience.

By comparing the exterior images (below) of each of these vans, you would never guess these vans have the exact same frame and engine, would you?

Exterior of the Dodge Caravan:
van for cover

Exterior of the Chrysler Town & Country:

Not only do these vans have different exterior features and style, they also could not be more different on the interior. The models have similar placement for their center dash panel features, but you will notice the Chrysler Town and Country Wheelchair van has a separate clock located just under the navigation system. Whereas the Dodge Caravan Wheelchair van has that feature displayed solely on the navigation screen.

The Chrysler models also come designed with interior wood-grain panels, and the Dodge’s interior panels offer a simple single-tone color option. You can see these similarities and differences for yourself in the images below.

Interior of the Dodge Caravan:

Interior of the Chrysler Town & Country:

Ready to take a closer look at these minivans that are so similar, but so different at the same time? We have many new and used Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country models. Contact our sales team representatives today to see what we have available in-stock and ready for customization for each of these models.