Top 5 Reasons Wheelchair Users Buy Full Size Wheelchair Vans

full size wheelchair van

There is no shortage of vehicles available to purchase in the United States. The same can also be said for wheelchair accessible vans. When it comes to wheelchair vans, wheelchair users will find options varying from minivans and trucks to SUVs and sedans. But, when it comes to needing space and storage without compromising on handling, full-size vans are the preferred accessible vehicle for wheelchair users looking to shop for their next mode of transportation. Why is this exactly? In this post, we will cover the top 5 reasons wheelchair users buy full size vans and take a peek at some of the top selling full-size van models on the market.

Size Matters for Wheelchair Users

They say go big or go home, right? For wheelchair users looking to transfer into the driver’s seat or ride comfortably without leaving their wheelchair, there is no shortage of space inside a full-size van. And while it is likely that you already know that this type of van has more interior space, here’s a couple specifics that you might not know:

  • Extra Interior Headroom
    Reason #1: Added interior headroom can be achieved with a full size van by either lowering the floor or raising the roof. This option is popular with adult wheelchair users that sit fully upright in their chair and have a tall headrest. With the additional interior headroom, they can move around the interior cabin with ease and without having to worry about their safety.
  • Additional Load Capacity
    Reason #2: Both the chassis of a full-size van and also the lift used to convert it into an accessible vehicle have higher weight thresholds than most vehicles and ramps on the market. This becomes a necessity for some wheelchair users with larger, heavier power wheelchairs, thus making full-size vans with lifts for wheelchairs a popular option.
  • More Seating Options
    Reason #3: Flexible seating options come standard in all side-entry full size van conversions. For wheelchair users that are part of larger families, full-size vans are a popular option. With a variety of seating options, full size vans can comfortably seat six adults.

Enough Storage Space for All

Reason #4: Storage, storage, storage, and then some more storage. Because when it comes to storage, who would say no to more? Unlike a rear-entry minivan, sedan or SUV, wheelchair users won’t compromise storage space with a side-entry full-size van. This allows wheelchair users to take full advantage of the cargo space for spare wheelchair parts and equipment, any luggage or medical necessities they are traveling with, and also still have space for the other passengers’ belongings, as well.

Driveability for Wheelchair Users

Reason #5: Driveability. Full-size vans may seem intimidating to someone who has not driven one before. It is easy to see why this is; after all they are bigger than your average vehicle (but as we mentioned before, this is a benefit to some wheelchair users and their families). But in actuality, full-size vans handle much the same as any other vehicle on the open road.

The Best Selling Full-Size Accessible Vans

Now that we have covered the top five reasons why wheelchair users buy full size wheelchair vans, you might be left wondering which models they are buying. At Rollx Vans, we only carry the top selling full-size van models on the market which include the GMC Savana / Chevy Express, the Dodge Ram Promaster and the Ford Transit series. What makes these vans so popular? Let’s take a closer look at each of these models:

  • GMC Savana / Chevy Express
    Available in 4-wheel or all wheel drive, the GMC Savana or Chevy Express is one of the best selling full-size van models. Wheelchair users benefit from the 55 inch door height and available headroom options of 58 inches or 63 inches. And they love features like the rear back-up camera, the towing package option, and the option for a walk thru lift that allows for easy passenger access through the side doors. You can view our inventory of new and used GMC Savana and Chevy Express vans on our website here.
  • Dodge Ram Promaster
    Another popular option for wheelchair users, the Dodge Ram Promaster is more in the mid-range between a minivan and full-size van in terms of sizing. Wheelchair users love the large interior of this van, the side door opening options of 57 or 68 inches, and also enjoy the towing capacity (up to 5,100 lbs!). All in-stock Dodge Ram Promaster vans are listed on our website.
  • Ford Transit Series
    The last option on the best selling list, the Ford Transit van is also the newest full size van model on the market. Available in three model sizes, the Ford Transit van has something for everyone. New for 2020, the Ford Transit van is now available in all wheel drive with a twin turbo Eco-Boost engine. Passengers love the four person rear sofa seat that allows for additional passengers to ride in the vehicle comfortably and wheelchair users love the full automatic wheelchair lift and power doors. You can learn more about the Ford Transit van and see our available options here.

Full-Size Vans Available Online Now

Looking for your first or next full-size van? At Rollx Vans, we have you covered. From our first phone call or email to delivery right to your door, we want you to love your full size van. That is why we have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love it, we will make it right! Contact our team today to learn more about our in-stock full size van options and the conversion features that will make it uniquely yours. We can’t wait to help you get where you need to go!

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