Caring for your Wheelchair Van: Regular Oil Change Maintenance

oil change maintenance

Are regular oil changes necessary for wheelchair vans? Absolutely. Vehicle purchases are a big investment and one that not many people can easily afford to replace should something unexpectedly go wrong. That’s why regular vehicle maintenance is something that all vehicle owners should get in the habit of doing on a regular basis, especially those who drive wheelchair vans.

5 Reasons Why Oil Changes are Important

The average vehicle owner may be able to tell you that they have their oil changes done and how often they have them completed. But many vehicle owners may not know why oil changes are so important or what could happen if they don’t have their vehicle’s oil changed. Here are just a few reasons, five to be exact, as to why oil changes are an important step in caring for a vehicle’s well-being:

  • Oil Maintains Engine Lubrication and Cools the Engine. The moving parts of an engine run at high speeds that cause friction. Without lubrication, this friction would cause the parts to heat up to temperatures higher than the parts can handle, and will eventually wear down the engine. Essentially, the lubrication keeps the parts in proper working order, so the engine doesn’t stop running.
  • Regular Oil Changes Helps Clean the Engine. Since we drive vehicles outside, you wouldn’t think this next one is possible, but dirt can be very harmful to an engine. Dirt can cause corrosion on engine parts and decrease the life of the engine. Regular oil changes help remove dirt particles from the engine bay and keep the engine running smoothly.
  • Oil Eventually Turns to Sludge. Yes, you read that right. When heated regularly, oil will slowly turn to sludge over time. Leaving the oil in this state regularly will not only wear down the oil pan, but it will also cause a buildup of sludge and cause the engine to seize and stop working.
  • Improves Gas Mileage. The United States Department of Energy has said that regular oil changes with the proper type of oil can increase a vehicle’s gas mileage by one to two percent. While that doesn’t seem like very much, it does add up over time. For many vehicles this can be a difference of one tank of gas or more in savings per year.
  • Increases Vehicle Longevity. This reason for regular maintenance should go without saying. Taking care of your vehicle through regular maintenance, like oil changes, helps your vehicle last longer, decreases the number of costly repairs and keeps drivers out on the open road.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

While oil changes are a great start to maintaining a vehicle, regular vehicle maintenance extends beyond this routine service. Regular maintenance items that vehicle owners should get into the habit of doing also include items like rotating the tires, checking the tire pressure, topping off fluids, changing air filters, changing light bulbs, checking the battery and more. And, while it can seem like a hassle to have a vehicle serviced, in the long run these maintenance items will keep the vehicle running in proper working order and help reduce the number of unexpected repairs that may need to be completed.

Routine Maintenance that’s Beneficial for Wheelchair Vans

For wheelchair van owners, the routine maintenance of a wheelchair van extends a bit further than the most common regular service items like changing the oil, checking the battery and rotating the tires. Wheelchair van owners should also pay attention to a few additional items pertaining to the doors, ramp, kneeling chain and vehicle interior. Some examples of these include checking the door tracks for debris and cleaning them when necessary, lightly lubricating the kneeling chain, spraying the hinges of the ramp with lubricant and keeping the tie down tracks clean from debris. While this does not include the entire list of recommended routine maintenance for a wheelchair van, these are a great starting point. For a full list of our regular maintenance recommendations, visit this blog post.

Regular Maintenance. The Rollx Vans Way.

At Rollx Vans we make service simple. Our team of experienced technicians know our wheelchair vans inside and out and will help ensure our customers get back out on the open road as quickly and hassle-free as possible. That’s why our team of service technicians will even come straight to our customer’s front door to service their vehicle. Does it get any more convenient than that? If a technician coming to your home isn’t an option, our team will work with you to find one of the preferred service shops in your area or work directly with your local hometown service shop to ensure your vehicle’s maintenance is completed as hassle-free as possible.

Plus, our vehicles are backed with the best warranty available on the market. Our unmatched protection on the conversion includes a 7 year/100,000 mile warranty on our structural conversion. This helps to protect your investment and keep you out on the open road.

Backed By Our Rollx Vans Guarantee

Don’t believe us? We back up our service plan with 24/7 roadside assistance protection and our Rollx Vans Guarantee. What does this mean? Our team has partnered with Mobility Support Solutions to provide our customers the best roadside assistance available. This includes paratransit assistance, towing assistance, lift or flat tire assistance, lock out services, jump starts and more. Plus, we back this with our Rollx Vans 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. That’s how confident we are that you will join our customers in our 97 percent satisfaction rating.

When you’re ready to learn more about Rollx Vans, our inventory and how we back up each of our sales with service and a guarantee, contact our team. We promise you won’t be sorry that you did.

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