Celebrating Independence for Wheelchair Users this July

wheelchair user independence

Earlier this month we celebrated Independence Day which marked 243 years since the Founding Fathers of the United States declared our country’s independence. We marked the occasion all across the country with summer parties, sporting our national colors of red, white and blue, and of course with a few firework displays. And to most people, that’s what the Fourth of July is really about.

For our team at Rollx Vans, independence takes on an entirely different meaning. For us, independence is about helping a wheelchair user take control and find joy in their own independence. Whether that’s allowing them to drive on their own for the first time in many years or even by simply giving them the ability to be the same height and have the same window sightlines as a regular passenger within their van, we strive to make their definition of independence a reality. Because at the end of the day, independence is a means for our customers to lead a more able lifestyle. So as you can see, when it comes to celebrating independence, it’s something our team finds incredibly important.

That’s why this month, we didn’t want to just focus on handicap vans for sale, instead we wanted to focus on independence and how just a few simple things can help wheelchair users become independent by leaps and bounds.

Creating Independence Through Equipment

For the nearly two million wheelchair users in this country, there are many tools and devices available that can help them regain some independence. Many of these are fairly budget friendly and some may even be covered by a wheelchair user’s medical insurance, depending on their coverage. A few examples include:

  • Anti-tipper devices. These simple devices attach to a wheelchair to help ensure the wheelchair remains steady and stable during transfers. Essentially they help make sure the wheelchair doesn’t tip over.
  • Support bars. These more permanent fixtures can be installed anywhere in a wheelchair users home to help them navigate a little easier. Often these are used in restrooms to assist with transfers onto a toilet or into a shower or bathtub.
  • Lifting devices. These devices are generally non-permanent devices that assist a wheelchair user when transferring to a chair, a couch, or even to get up and down without assistance.
  • Ramps. This can include ramps into/out of the home or also ramps into/out of a vehicle. Ramps make mobility a possibility for wheelchair users whenever stairs or a step is present.
  • Accessible vehicles. Okay, we said we weren’t going to just talk about our wheelchair vans, but an accessible vehicle is a great way for a wheelchair user to regain independence. Plus, there are many opportunities for vehicle grants and assistance, making it a much more affordable possibility.

Extending Independence with Exercise

We’ve all heard it before, exercise is an incredibly important part of a regular regimen for wheelchair users. But, do you know why? Regular exercise allows a wheelchair user to maintain their strength, flexibility and mobility, allowing them to remain as independent as they can be for as long as possible. The key there being the ability to maintain independence. So, what should wheelchair users focus their exercise efforts on? This is really unique to each individual wheelchair user and their capabilities.

The best way to get started is to consult with a doctor. They will be able to help the wheelchair user identify the parts of their body that will help them maintain or regain independence. With this knowledge in hand, the wheelchair user can then work with a physical therapist or a strength and conditioning trainer to develop an exercise routine that will help them meet and exceed their goals in a safe and effective manner.

Supporting Independence for Wheelchair Users

At Rollx Vans, we also work closely with the caregivers of wheelchair users who are trying to help them regain independence. And, at times it may not seem like it, but there is a lot that are caregiver can to do assist with a wheelchair user’s independence. This can be something as simple as asking the wheelchair user how you can better assist them with their mobility or being an advocate for their independence.

What does this mean exactly? One example of this may be helping a wheelchair user by keeping the sidewalks in front of their home clear from debris like weeds, trash or snow. This will allow the wheelchair user to maintain usage of the sidewalks independently. Another example would be to advocate for more inclusive playgrounds in your community. This would allow more wheelchair users to have a safe space to practice their independence.

Celebrating Independence at Rollx Vans

At Rollx Vans, our motto is your life, your way. This means that our goal from beginning to end is independence for our customers. This means helping them find the right vehicle for their transportation needs. It means helping them determine which conversion features they need, rather than which conversion features should be added for an additional profit margin. It also means helping them find financing and grants available to them, and helping to manage the paperwork and process for these assistance programs. It means going above and beyond for our customers, because our success comes with helping them find independence.

Want to learn more about how our team can help you or a loved on the road to an independent future? Contact us today to get connected with one of our experienced sales representatives. We promise you won’t regret that you did.

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