We build handicap vehicles from the ground up.

Getting the Job Done Right

At Rollx Vans, we do not just sell wheelchair accessible vans. We build them from the ground up. You can choose to pick a vehicle with a completed conversion from our inventory or send us your vehicle to convert. All of our conversions are done in house at our very own headquarters using only the most state-of-the-art handicap van conversion processes.

Step 1

First, the van doors, windows, and body panels are wrapped to make sure they’re protected during the process. Each van’s interior is disassembled and placed into protective carts while the van goes through the assembly line.

Step 2

Then, the underbody, tires, gas tank, and floor of the van are removed. The chassis is reinforced to make sure everything stays together while the van is being worked on. A new, lowered floor assembly is welded into place.

Step 3

The door tracks are cut out, fabricated to fit, and welded into place. All welds for the floor and door tracks are then inspected to ensure they meet the highest safety and quality standards. The van goes through a seam, seal, and undercoating process. This is followed by the lowered interior being painted.

Step 4

During this next step, the gas tank is installed in the back of the van and the rear suspension is re-installed. The OEM wiring is modified in accordance with manufacturer specifications and the Rollx Vans wire harness is installed. This additional wiring controls the sequence of operation involved with the van lowering and the ramp coming out. The exhaust is then re-built and put back into place. We add underbody sound shields, rubberized undercoating, double door seals, and other features to enhance our exclusive Ultra Quiet Interior.

Step 5

Next, the sliding doors are modified through a fit process and installed. The heat and A/C unit is installed in the back and lines are run from the unit to the front of the van. The ground effects that cover the changes made to the wheelchair accessible van are added. A series of inspections then occur, including the checking of all critical components and a functional test.

Step 6

The ground effects are then painted to match the exterior of the van, and the carpet pad and carpet are put into place. Rollx Vans designed interior panels are added and then the ramp, kneeler, and floor components are installed to complete the handicap van conversion process. Prior to leaving our warehouse, a quality control inspection, alignment, and complete detailing of the van are completed to make sure your wheelchair accessible van meets all requirements and standards. All Rollx Vans conversions come with an industry longest 7 year / 100,000 miles structural warranty.