Frequently Asked Questions: Wheelchair Van Financing

wheelchair van financing

Buying a wheelchair van can seem like a complicated process. But it does not need to be. At Rollx Vans, our team has more combined experience than any other in the industry. We use that experience to give each of our customers first class service from the moment they reach out to us about our handicapped vans for sale until they have their keys in-hand. This includes everything from picking out the base model of their vehicle purchase, to the custom conversion features they actually need (not just features that help a company’s bottom line, but ones that will fit their own unique needs for their vehicle), and ensuring a delivery that leaves the customer feeling like they know their vehicle inside and out. But more than all of this, we help our customers find the financing and funding options that will work for their budgetary needs, as well.

Wheelchair Vans Financing

Financing a vehicle is something that most people will do within their lifetime. Financing, or taking a loan, for the vehicle, allows the purchaser to pay for the investment of their vehicle in monthly installments rather than all up front. Financing a wheelchair van is similar to financing a standard vehicle, except there is the added cost of the vehicle conversion and any driving conversions that are made to fit the customer’s needs. Mobility vehicle financing can be done for either new or used vehicle purchases and can be combined with any combination of additional funding sources or on a stand-alone basis. While financing may seem straightforward to some people, it can also be overwhelming for others and many have at least a few questions along the way. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about wheelchair van financing to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financing a Wheelchair Van

Does Rollx Vans offer financing options?
Yes! We offer our customers a variety of competitive financing options, backed by lenders that truly understand the mobility industry. Our lenders provide fast credit approvals, industry competitive interest rates, flexible down payment options, repayment terms of up to 84 months and a minimum 30-day interest rate protection.

How can I apply for financing through Rollx Vans?
You can find our financing application online here. You can also connect via phone or email with your dedicated sales representative and they can assist you with your application.

Can I use a third party financing like I have in the past for a standard vehicle purchase?
You can choose to use a third party company to finance your wheelchair van purchase. However, some lending companies may not cover the cost of the conversion and will only cover the base price of the vehicle. It is important to determine what all they will cover with the loan prior to signing on the dotted line, so you don’t end up needing to pay more of the cost out of pocket than you had originally planned for.

Is there a warranty included when a vehicle is financed?
All Rollx Vans vehicles include our industry best structural warranty of 7 years/100,000 miles for minivans and 6 years/60,000 miles for full size vans. This includes warranty for the structural modifications such as the floor, frame and ramp, and is included even if the vehicle is financed.

Are there any extended warranties available?
At Rollx Vans, we do offer extended service contracts for our new and used conversion vans. For more information, you can visit our website here and then connect with your dedicated sales representative for more detailed information.

Financing Available to Veterans

Do Veterans qualify for any additional financing or funding options?
Veterans with service-related disabilities may qualify for an adapted vehicle grant through the Veterans Administration (VA). This can be used towards the purchase of a vehicle one time, but the VA may have other grants available to Veterans based on their individual situation to cover conversions or conversion features.

How can I take advantage of the Veterans benefits?
Our team at Rollx Vans will work directly with our contacts at the VA to get you the funding that you are entitled to towards your vehicle purchase. We take on the time and hassle of the paperwork, so our Veteran customers don’t need to worry about the countless hours this could take away from spending time with their friends and families.

Other Funding and Assistance Options

Can I use funds from a fundraiser towards the purchase of my Rollx Vans conversion vehicle?
Of course! Any funds you raise can be used towards the cost of your vehicle, the conversion features and anything else you may want added to the van. These funds can be used in combination with any other down payments or vehicle financing you may choose to use towards the final cost of the vehicle.

Are there any additional funding sources available in my area?
There may be additional funding opportunities based on where you live. We put together a state grant resource page to help you get started, but our dedicated sales representatives may be able to assist you in finding other available opportunities, as well.

Are there any grants available to me?
In addition to state/city grants, there are other grants out there that you may also qualify for. Many nonprofit agencies have put together grants for people living with disabilities. The eligibility for these grants vary from person to person. If you’re interested in learning more about qualifying for these grants, your dedicated sales representative can look into options that may be available for you and send information your way.

Does Rollx Vans provide assistance when seeking grants and funding?
Absolutely! We know our industry, the agencies that offer funding and grant opportunities, and what it takes to qualify for the funding opportunities that are available for individuals with disabilities. We take the stress and headache out of the paperwork and handle all of the details for our customers, so they can focus on living their lives while we handle the rest.

Ready to Learn More about Wheelchair Van Financing?

Our team at Rollx Vans is ready and waiting to hear from you! Contact our team today to learn more about the financing and funding options that are available to you and could help offset the costs of a new conversion vehicle. We can’t wait to help you get out on the open road!

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