How Do I Get a Wheelchair Accessible Van?

wheelchair accessible van

How Do I Get a Wheelchair Accessible Van? The best way to get a wheelchair accessible van is to purchase one through a wheelchair van manufacturer or dealer. Manufacturers and dealers are the best resource for individuals, families and their caregivers because they know the industry and the product inside and out. Additionally, they can also provide direction on any possible financial resources for wheelchair users and their families that can help with the purchase of a wheelchair van.

For returning wheelchair accessible van purchasers, the process can be as quick as selecting the vehicle, modifications and signing on the dotted line. But, new wheelchair accessible van buyers usually and understandably have a few more questions. In this post, we will look at a few tips for researching wheelchair van dealers and their inventory of accessible vans, how to select a dealer to work with, any resources that may be available to you, and how to get a customized wheelchair accessible van.

Research: How Do I Get a Wheelchair Accessible Van?

You can never do too much research when it comes to buying a wheelchair van. Luckily during this age of technology, everything can be found with a few search queries online. To get you started, here are some common questions we get from first time wheelchair accessible van buyers:

  • What types of wheelchair vans are available? Wheelchair vans come in both minivan and full size van options. Generally both new and used models are available. Additionally, there are options for SUVs, trucks and even cars available on the market.
  • How does a wheelchair user get in/out of the vehicle? Depending on the vehicle model, a wheelchair user will enter and exit the vehicle with use of a ramp or lift. The most common ramps used with minivan conversions are side-entry ramps that either fold out or slide out of the open side sliding door. Similarly for full size vans, a lift is installed behind the side doors for easy lift access. Some vehicle conversions on the market only offer rear-entry, but those are much less common as rear-entry eliminates much of the vehicle’s storage capacity and rear seating options.
  • Can they be customized? Absolutely! When you work directly with a conversion van manufacturer, like our team at Rollx Vans, your van can be fully customized to fit your accessibility needs.
  • Can a wheelchair user drive the vehicle? Yes! Wheelchair users wishing to drive the vehicle themselves can choose to add hand controls, zero or reduced effort steering and brakes, and touch-pads for secondary controls like shifter, wipers, lights, and power windows. The standard pedals will remain intact and functional should an able-bodied driver need to drive the vehicle at any point.
  • What assistive devices are available for conversion vans? The assistive devices for a wheelchair van include everything from the kneeling system and ramps or lifts to optional features like hand controls and transfer seats. Our vans also include a one-button remote for keyless entry that operates the sliding door, kneeling system, and ramp or lift to allow wheelchair users access to their van with just the click of a button.

Select a Dealer or Manufacturer

While many people may know where their local dealerships are, they may not know where their nearest wheelchair van dealer is located. Conducting a quick online search can help you discover if there are any dealers located in your town, but it will also bring you to nationwide manufacturers, like our team at Rollx Vans, that can complete the entire vehicle purchase and customize process over the phone, via email and through contactless vehicle demonstrations and paperwork. If you aren’t sure which dealer or manufacturer is right for you, we suggest looking at the dealers options for servicing the van after purchase, comparing the vehicle warranties and even looking at company reviews online.

Discover Resources

Many wheelchair users, their families and caregivers may be unaware that there are assistance programs designed specifically to help wheelchair users regain their independence. This includes funding assistance for a wheelchair van or conversion equipment. While eligibility varies, many states and counties provide grants or special programs to help people living with disabilities in their area. Many disability advocacy groups and nonprofits also have grant programs. Veterans can also qualify for funding assistance through Veterans Affairs (VA). Our team at Rollx Vans strives to go above and beyond to help our customers find and apply for funding options that are available to them.

Customize Your Ride

What does it mean when a manufacturer or dealer states that your wheelchair accessible van is customizable? For us, this means that you can select everything from the make and model of your vehicle, right down to the color of your vehicle exterior and interior. You can also select the manufacturer trim package, which often include upgraded audio capabilities, backup and side mirror cameras, leather seating, and more.

Additionally, you can select the conversion options you want and need to make the vehicle more accessible for the wheelchair user, rather than a pre-selected package of conversion features. This includes items like hand controls, transfer seats, securement devices for the wheelchair user to sit in various positions within the vehicle cabin, and more.

Get Started Today

Our team at Rollx Vans is ready and waiting to assist you in your wheelchair vehicle search no matter where in the purchase process you may be. Whether you are just starting your research, have it narrowed down to a vehicle make and model or are ready to start customizing a vehicle, our team is here for you. If you have questions, we want to hear from you. If you are ready to buy, we want to hear from you. Give us a call or send us an email today. One of our experienced sales representatives will get in touch with you right away. We can’t wait to speak with you and we promise, you won’t be sorry that you did!

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