How to Save Money on a Wheelchair Van

saving money on a wheelchair van

Buying a new vehicle is a big commitment for anyone. That’s because, with the purchase of a vehicle often comes a lengthy time commitment. In fact, the average person purchases a vehicle only once every six to eight years. So, this means that what you choose for your vehicle or vehicle’s standard or upgraded accessories are something you may have to live with for a while.

There is also the monetary commitment to consider, as well. That’s because vehicles are one of the more significant purchases that most people make within their lifetime. And, when you are adding modifications to a vehicle, like the conversion options you would find in a new or used wheelchair van, there is an added expense.

With a converted vehicle being such an expense, most people would think they are stuck with whatever cost may come with that. But, that’s not exactly true. There are ways that people can save money on a wheelchair van and even ways to help fund the purchase of one. Here’s our tips for how to save money on your next wheelchair van purchase.

Establish a Budget. Stick to It.

Before you can focus on saving money with your van purchase, you need to establish your baseline. In other words, you need to establish your budget. And, you need to stick to it, because the last thing you want when buying a vehicle is to overextend yourself and get something you cannot really afford. Once you have your budget established, the wheelchair vans dealer you are working with should be able to show you options that fit your needs and fit your budget.

If you choose Rollx Vans as the company you want to work with, our sales team will talk you through each of the conversion feature options and let you know which ones will fit within your overall budget and which of them can help you save some money. For example, a fold out ramp is less expensive than an in-floor ramp. And a manual tie down is less costly than a power tie down. You will be able to select the options you need and bypass the ones you can live without, which will not only help you stay within your budget but may also help you save money on your wheelchair van.

Buy Direct from a Manufacturer

This should seem like a no-brainer – buy direct from a wheelchair vans manufacturer. Not sure what this means for you exactly? What this means is that you will be able to cut out the middleman and reduce the amount you are paying in markups on the vehicle, the conversion features and even your vehicle accessories. Additionally, you will be able to customize your van to your needs rather than buying a “one size fits all” conversion. You will not have to waste money on conversion features you don’t need and only spend money on the ones that you do need.

Not sure where to find a wheelchair van manufacturer? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our team at Rollx Vans does not just sell wheelchair vans, we manufacturer them from the ground up and tailor them to each of our unique customers’ needs. So, when you work with us, you work directly with the team that is creating your wheelchair van.

Buy a Previously Owned Vehicle

Buying a used van can help you save anywhere from ten to twenty thousand dollars. And, when that used wheelchair van is purchased from our team at Rollx Vans, we recondition the vehicle from the ground up. This means it runs through the same process that a new conversion would go through to ensure the conversion van has brand new working parts and provides the same reliability as any of the brand new conversion vans on the market. It is the next best thing to buying a brand new wheelchair van.

Consider a Trade-In

Will this be your second, third or even fourth time purchasing a wheelchair van? More often than not, you will be able to trade-in your existing wheelchair van to the dealer or manufacturer that you are working with. The value of the trade-in will help to reduce the out of pocket expenses when purchasing your new van and save you a little bit of money.

Apply for VA Benefits

Veterans have the ability to apply for VA assistance towards the purchase or conversion of a vehicle. Some Veterans may even qualify for a vehicle allowance upwards of twenty thousand dollars. One caveat to this is that Veterans only qualify for a vehicle allowance one time. However, they can qualify for grants towards conversion equipment nearly every two years.

Not a Veteran? That’s okay. There are many government and nonprofit organizations that offer grants and financial assistance that can help wheelchair users purchase a vehicle. Your doctor, your city council and any disability nonprofits in your area are great resources to tap into when looking for funding assistance.

Convert a Van you Already Own

If you already own a minivan or a full-size van, you may be able to add conversion features to the vehicle you already own. This can help to reduce the costs associated with a wheelchair van, especially if you are no longer making payments and have already paid off the van in full. You can check with a wheelchair vans manufacturer to see if the van you already own is able to have conversion features added to it.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to learn more about the conversion process and how our team at Rollx Vans can help you get the most out of a wheelchair van for the money, contact our team today. One of our experienced sales team members will help get you on the path to buying your next new or used wheelchair van. And, they will do what they can to save you as much money as they can along the way – including helping you to find any assistance programs that you may qualify for. Contact us today to get started.

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