Insane Wheelchair Ramp More of a Hindrance Than Helpful


For many, having proper access is a necessary part of life. This doesn’t just include accessibility through handicap vehicles, it includes other accessible means like ramps. And, even though there are a multitude of accessibility laws in place, some people still don’t get it.

Such is the case for a family living in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

The Lally Family

Katie Lally is a seven-year-old girl with bulbar palsy caused by complications after she and her twin sister, Holly, were born premature.

Bulbar palsy is the impairment of function of cranial nerves, and often results in the use of a wheelchair due to lower motor neuron lesions of the limbs.

For the past two years, her mother Clare has been campaigning their local government for the installation of a ramp to their home to make Katie’s quality of life better.

The Ramp

The West Dunbartonshire government answered the Lally’s plea, with what the internet has dubbed insane and a necessary eyesore.

The council installed a 10-level steel wheelchair ramp that winds between the front door of the Lally household down to the pavement. It’s estimated to have cost 40,000 pounds, which is approximately $66,000.

The ramp is roughly 60-metres or 196-feet, which is wider than a football field if measured from one side to the other. The council stated the ramp needed to be this size due to building regulations. And, due to the unfortunate size of the ramp and the configuration created by using 10 levels, the ramp takes up nearly the entire yard of the Lally’s home.

Where the Problems Began

Losing their yard may seem like problem enough, but that’s not where the true problems began. While the ramp makes it easier for Katie to get into and out of the family home, the ramp itself is the problem.

Kids and teens have started using the wheelchair ramp as a playground of sorts. They think it’s fun to play on, and thus causes a problem for the family.

The Lally’s have requested a gate to be installed at the base of the ramp to impede intruders from using the ramp as a play place, but the request was denied as the gate would block access to the public walkway.

What do you think of this insane ramp? Would you want a ramp like this in your yard? Why or why not?


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