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At Rollx Vans we have one mission: to help our customers get where they need to go, often through the use of one of our handicap vans. To accomplish this mission, we need to place an emphasis on getting to know our customers, their unique challenges and how we can help them to overcome transportation obstacles.

Often, this means discussing our customer’s physical and medical needs and challenges as they relate to being confined to a wheelchair. One debilitating disease that many of our customers are living with is ALS.

ALS and Rollx Vans

When you stop by our facility, talk to one of our team members (either over the phone or through email) or interact with one of our technicians, it should be easy to see what we consider to be our biggest priority. That is because the number one priority for our team is our customers. And, with more than 16,000 customers nationwide, hopefully our customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Because our customers are our number one priority, we partner with organizations that also help our customers to lead better lives. And, when it comes to our customers living with ALS, The ALS Association is the organization that we are proud to have as one of our partner organizations.

The History Behind ALS and The ALS Association

In case you are not already familiar, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was first found in the mid-1800s. It is a progressive degenerative disease that affects the nervous system and is sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. More specifically it affects the motor neurons that connect the brain to the spinal cord and the spinal cord every muscle throughout the body. It causes the motor neurons to decline and eventually die. This leads to the brain losing the ability to control muscle movement and that portion of the body, and thus causing the individual with ALS to lose control of specific parts of their body.

As of today, ALS has no cure. But, one nonprofit organization is on a mission to uncover a cure for this debilitating disease, while also advocating for and empowering the people living with the disease every day. That organization is The ALS Association. Established in 1985, The ALS Association works through a national network of chapters to provide resources and advocacy for individuals around the United States living with ALS. Additionally, the organization raises donations to fund further research developments aimed at helping those living with ALS and finding a cure for the disease.

Ways to Get Involved

The ALS Association and our other partner organizations cannot do what they do without the help of donations and volunteers. Additionally, they need help to simply spread awareness about ALS and the ALS Association’s mission to cure the debilitating disease. Right now, the ALS Association has a lot of ways that individuals can get involved, show their support and help spread awareness.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Over the years, many celebrities, movies and television shows have shed light on ALS. For example, the late Lou Gehrig and the late Stephen Hawking were both celebrities that lived with the debilitating disease. Recent movies, “The Theory of Everything” and “You’re Not You,” also brought ALS to the forefront. But, no pop culture person or event has brought ALS to the public eye as much as The Ice Bucket Challenge.

You may have heard of The Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral a few years back. In case you have not heard about this challenge, it features groups of people or individuals pouring ice cold buckets of water over their heads in support and to spread awareness for ALS. Once complete, they would then challenge others to do the same. Additionally, challenge participants were encouraged to donate to the ALS Association. Upon the challenge going viral in 2014, participants raised more than 115 million dollars for ALS research in just a few short months.

Even our team at Rollx Vans took the challenge to help spread awareness for ALS and the ALS Association! You can read more about the Rollx Vans team participating in The Ice Bucket Challenge here. And, while this challenge is no longer sweeping the Nation as quickly as it did back in 2014, you can still find people talking about and participating in The Ice Bucket Challenge.


The most recent social media driven challenge being put on by the ALS Association is the #VoiceYourLove challenge. It’s so new in fact, it started just last week. The challenge asks people to record audio or video of themselves telling the world who or what they love most, and to mention they are voicing this in honor of those with ALS. Then, post the audio or video on their social media channels using the hashtag #VoiceYourLove, and tag their friends to encourage them to do the same. This challenge is driving awareness for people with ALS who lose their ability to speak due to the effects of the degenerative disease.

With an awareness campaign that is as easy as a few button clicks, how can you not want to participate? We encourage you to join the #VoiceYourLove challenge. After all, it was just Valentine’s Day and it is a great way to tell the people in your life how much you care about them!

Get Started

Want to learn more about The ALS Association or get involved with a local chapter? Visit their website here for more information. Want to find out more about how Rollx Vans partners with The ALS Association or begin the search for your next accessible vehicle? Contact one of our sales team representatives today.

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