Resources for Returning Customers: How to Trade-In your Wheelchair Van

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Can I trade in a vehicle towards the purchase of a wheelchair van? Yes, you can trade in a vehicle towards the purchase of both new and used wheelchair vans for sale just the same as you would for a vehicle on a sales lot. We actually get this question a lot from both new and returning customers. This is because the purchase of a wheelchair van is a big investment and trading in a vehicle will help to offset the costs.

The Benefits of Trading a Vehicle

Offsetting the cost of a vehicle is an important reason to trade in a vehicle. But, there are many additional benefits that many people either are not aware of or may not be taking advantage of. That is why it is important to know the full benefits to trading in a vehicle. A few key benefits to consider include:

  • The Tax Benefit. In many states, you only need to pay tax on a vehicle for the difference in cost between the trade in value and the purchase price, rather than the full purchase price of the vehicle. This is a big benefit, especially on a wheelchair van as the cost is often a large investment.
  • The Convenience Factor. Trading in a vehicle to the dealer you are purchasing from is an easy, hassle free way to get rid of your old vehicle. It saves you time, as you won’t need to spend it listing the vehicle and meeting with potential buyers. And, it also saves you the hassle of needing to fill out and file paperwork on your own, as many dealers will transfer the title for you as part of the process.

How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Many times, the value of your vehicle’s trade in is based on the vehicle itself. This includes items like the vehicle’s exterior and interior condition, the overall mechanical condition and the vehicle’s age and mileage. The age and mileage of your vehicle are not something that you can change. So, how can you maintain these items to maximize your resale value? Our recommendations include:

  • Routine Maintenance. Maintaining your vehicle is important to keep your vehicle in tip top shape out on the open road, but it is also important for resale value. This is because regular maintenance can help protect your vehicle against damage and reduce the appearance of general wear and tear. Some routine maintenance tasks can include items like regularly washing and waxing the exterior, regularly checking and filling the vehicle’s fluids, and having the oil changed and tires rotated on a regular basis.
  • Mechanical Maintenance. This can be more costly maintenance than the routine maintenance items. This includes taking care of any repairs to mechanical items whenever they occur, so they don’t cause any further problems down the road. Completing mechanical repairs is important for resale value, because mechanical repairs needing to be taken care of at the time of a trade in may reduce the amount of resale value you are able to obtain.

While it may not be possible to completely avoid the need for mechanical maintenance, it is possible to help reduce the need for mechanical maintenance on your vehicle by paying attention to the way that you drive your vehicle. Some tips to help maintain the mechanics of your vehicle include avoiding quick, heavy stops and not riding the brakes. It’s also recommended to drive on well paved roads whenever possible

Looking to Trade in a Vehicle?

Whether your vehicle has already been converted, either by Rollx Vans or one of our competitors, or if your vehicle has not yet been converted, we are here to help you trade it in. The process is simple, just fill out the trade-in form on our website to get started. One of our experienced sales representatives will contact you and let you know how much your trade will be valued towards a new or used wheelchair accessible van. Occasionally the vehicle may need to be inspected by one of our field technicians, but once both parties agree on the trade, we can proceed with the sale of the new vehicle minus the cost of the trade and get you behind the wheel of your new ride.

Don’t need a new wheelchair van? That’s okay, too. We have a buy back program for our previously converted vehicles. If you are looking to sell your wheelchair van, just fill out this form online and one of our sales representatives will get in contact with you.

Your Ride. Your Way.

At Rollx Vans, we strive to help put our customers behind the wheel of a vehicle that will fit their needs and help them get to the places they want and need to go. This includes helping our customers to trade in their previously owned vehicle towards the cost of a new or used wheelchair van. And we understand that there may be some questions along the way. Contact our team today to get connected with one of our experienced sales representatives. They can explain the full process to you, help you fill out our online forms and answer any questions you may have right away or along the way. We can’t wait to help you get started, and you won’t be sorry that you did.

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