September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Did you know that one of the main missions of Rollx Vans is to give back? This extends to not only our local community, but the organizations that support the communities of our customers and their families, as well. It is because of this mission that we give back a portion of every van we sell directly to our partner organizations. This mission is also why we participate in so many events throughout the year like fundraiser walks, PVA trap shoots, and other similar events. And, it is why we are dedicating the month of September to donate to a special cause – Suicide Prevention Awareness.

The History Behind Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Since the first event in 2003, World Suicide Prevention Day has been observed every September 10th. Various activities occur throughout the world by organizations like the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP), the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and more. In fact, activities occur in more than 40 countries on this day to bring awareness to suicide prevention.

Since the creation of World Suicide Prevention Day, the strategy behind the initiative has slowly grown to also include National Suicide Prevention week (September 9 – September 15, 2018) and a dedicated month (September) to spread awareness for Suicide Prevention. To further symbolize the awareness for the month, purple and teal ribbons are used.

Why Spread Awareness?

Unfortunately, even in this day and age, suicide is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. Nearly one million people worldwide die by suicide each year, roughly 33,000 of those being right here in the United States. And, of those 33,000 approximately two thirds of those are men. Studies have also shown that veterans are twice as likely to commit suicide than another citizen. So, now more than ever before it is incredibly important to spread awareness and help prevent suicides from taking place.

Organizations Taking a Stand

National organizations such as the IASP, WHO and WFMH have been leading the charge to start the conversation and draw attention to the need for suicide prevention and awareness. Other organizations have also joined and strengthened their efforts over the years. Just a few of these organizations include D3 Clothing, Stop Soldier Suicide, and even our team at Rollx Vans.

Supporting the Cause. One Promotion at a Time.

This September, Rollx Vans is helping to give back to Suicide Prevention Awareness. We’re offering all customers $250 off the purchase of any new or used van, a D3 sweatshirt and we will also make a $100 donation to the organization Stop Soldier Suicide. (Offer valid September 1 – 30, 2018 only.)

More about D3 Clothing

D3 Clothing was founded by Tony Harris, the grandson of Rollx Vans Founders Wade and Nancy Harris, during his freshman year of college at Bethel University. Harris started D3 as a way to spread awareness, shed light on an often uncomfortable subject and aid in the prevention of suicide after one of his classmates took his own life.

The D3 concept started from a logo Harris and another classmate used in a video and transformed into something much more than that. D3 stands for Dedication, Determination and Direction. Harris chose these three words as they were meaningful to his beliefs that we should stay dedicated towards our goals, be determined to achieve them in hope of helping others in need and live a directed life.

Through D3, Harris hopes to make a positive difference for suicide prevention and awareness. In fact, he is already doing so by donating 50 percent of the profits to organizations working on suicide prevention; 40 percent going to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and 10 percent going to the Crisis Text Line.

More about Stop Soldier Suicide

Stop Soldier Suicide is a nonprofit organization that was co-founded by Brian Kinsella in 2010. The organization works one on one with veterans and their families to identify soldier’s mental health needs and find the right resources for them to utilize. This includes referrals for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health disorders, resources for individuals with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), assisting with emergency financial aid, finding alternative therapies, assistance with education resources, and more. But, their work does not stop there.

Stop Soldier Suicide works with each individual for 24 months to ensure their needs are met and they continue to receive the ongoing support they need. In fact, they strive to touch base with each individual no less than 10 times throughout those two years, even if they are no longer in need of assistance, because they know how valuable a support system can be to people in their time of need and beyond.

Kinsella and a few fellow veterans started the organization as a way to give veterans a single stop resource to get help with anything they are in need of help with. This solved the problem of veterans not knowing where to turn when they had multiple issues or could not find a resource they needed in their area. To provide these tailored one on one services for two full years for just one veteran, it costs Stop Soldier Suicide roughly $1,600.

Other Ways to Help

Looking for ways to help spread awareness and prevent suicides, either this September or in the future? Each of these organizations is always looking for volunteers or monetary donations. But, more so than that, they are hoping that every person they interact with can help spread awareness. You can do this by wearing a purple and teal ribbon or by engaging in a conversation about suicide prevention. Our hope this month is to help these organizations further this goal and do our part to spread suicide prevention awareness, as well.

Get Started

Want to help the cause with your next Rollx Vans purchase? Make sure to connect with a sales team member this September (valid September 1 – September 30, 2018 only). Our team is striving to make a big difference this year and we know we can count on our customers to help us pave the way for a brighter future. Contact us today to get started!

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