Shopping Online Becomes the Preferred Option for Buying Wheelchair Vans

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Online shopping, love it or hate it, is here to stay. In fact, nearly 91 percent of the US population is expected to shop online in 2020, and 25 percent of those online shoppers will shop online at least once per month. With the large number of people that shop online, it is easy to see how we can say that the future of vehicle shopping is going to be online.

Currently, 92 percent of car buyers are researching online before they make a vehicle purchase, and many of these shoppers are already purchasing their vehicles online. While this trend may seem odd to some people, others are embracing it. But, why is this? In this post we will look at the reason why this is quickly becoming the preferred shopping method for vehicle purchasers and why it is also the preferred shopping option for wheelchair van purchasers, too.

Online Shopping is More Efficient

Most car dealer websites offer consumers a way to search their full vehicle inventory with just a few clicks making this a convenient and efficient way to shop. Shoppers can choose their preferred vehicle condition (new or used), make, model, the year and even their price range. Once they enter their preferred options, any vehicles that fit their criteria display and the person browsing can click on a vehicle to get more information. This often includes information like interior and exterior colors, the mileage and all the vehicle’s features. Plus, most dealership websites include photos of the vehicle, so potential buyers can get a better idea of what the vehicle looks like before ever seeing it in person.

Shopping Online Creates Time Savings

The efficiency and convenience shoppers experience online leads to time savings while shopping for a new or used vehicle. Shoppers can browse in their spare time, or compare multiple vehicles quickly and easily. But, some of the greatest time savings come from customers saving an average of 45 minutes signing paperwork, 43 minutes negotiating price, and 26 minutes getting a trade-in quote just by shopping online. But, how is this possible?

Online dealers offer:

  • Transparent pricing and financing options.
    Dealers that offer transparency for their customers post their pricing right on their website. In most cases, the average price of a vehicle is less expensive online than when purchased at a brick-and-mortar location. This is generally because the dealer lists their best possible price for the vehicle online from the very beginning, eliminating the need for negotiation. Most dealer websites will also list out their financing options and how these options fit with the vehicles they are selling.
  • Up front trade in quotes.
    Dealers can provide quick and easy trade in quotes right from their website, simply by collecting a little bit of information about the trade in vehicle. This allows shoppers to get full information up front before committing to a dealer or a vehicle. Plus, the dealer will have all the information on the vehicle in their system already, making the trade in process quicker when it comes to signing the paperwork.
  • Fixed pricing on warranties.
    Many dealers list their warranty specifics right on their website. This includes pricing. Often, the warranty pricing is fixed no matter which vehicle is purchased, as this makes it easier for both the dealer and the customer.

Find an Expanded Selection Online

One of the most important factors to consider while shopping for a vehicle online is the expanded selection shoppers will find online. Shopping online allows consumers to shop outside of their city, the surrounding areas or even their state. For most people, this expands the number of vehicle models available to them and even the dealerships they can work with. Just remember to check the reviews of the dealer you are looking to work with before taking the next step. A quick and easy Google search can tell you a lot about working with that dealer either online or in person.

Online Shopping Creates Convenience for Wheelchair Users

So, what does all this mean for wheelchair users and why is shopping online the preferred option for buying a new or used wheelchair van? Shopping for a vehicle online is convenient, efficient, and creates time savings. This convenience and time savings provides wheelchair users more time for medical appointments, spending time with loved ones or even for travel.

Additionally, wheelchair users can find an expanded selection that likely is not available within their city or even their state. Plus, when wheelchair users work with our team at Rollx Vans, they experience superior customer service with test drives brought right to their home and final delivery right to their front door.

Buying Online. The Rollx Vans Way.

At Rollx Vans, our mission is to make buying a vehicle online as simple and worry-free as it sounds. From the very first moment you connect with our team online, you will be matched with one of our non-commission, experienced sales team members. They will talk you through our available inventory, the conversion options, financing and the conversion process. Plus, they would be happy to answer any questions you, your caregiver or your loved ones have along the way. Contact us today to learn more and see how online shopping can make a difference for you.

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