Spring Cleaning: Maintaining Your Accessible Van

Spring has finally sprung (literally just this week if you’re in the Midwest like we are). While we are leaving the harsh winter behind us, with the beautiful weather comes the never ending to-do list of spring cleaning chores. Often this list includes tasks like washing the windows, cleaning up the garden, decluttering your child’s playroom or organizing the garage. But, there’s a key spring cleaning task that a lot of people usually miss; spring cleaning their vehicles.

The Importance of Accessible Van Maintenance

Regular vehicle cleaning, inspection and maintenance is incredibly important for maintaining the longevity of your mode of transportation. This is especially true if you own or drive a wheelchair accessible van. That’s because your conversion has additional elements that standard vans do not and to ensure they stay in proper working order, they need to be maintained on a regular basis. So, how can you make sure everything is as it should be? And, which cleaning and maintenance tasks are the most important? These general tips and guidelines will help get you started.

General Cleaning Tips

Before you dive into any potential maintenance, you will want to start with a few easy spring cleaning tasks:

  • Clean up the clutter: grab a trash bag (or two or three) and throw away anything that’s sitting in your vehicle that you no longer want or need. Whether that’s bags from your last fast food venture or a pair of shoes that haven’t fit in years, it’s time to let it all hit the trash.
  • Give it a detail: once the trash is gone, it’s time to hit your vehicle with the vacuum cleaner. This goes beyond just the carpeting, pay close attention to vacuuming out all of the nooks and crannies to ensure your van is looking and feeling clean.
  • Take it outside: don’t forget that the exterior needs a good washing after the long winter months. This will help get rid of any dirt, grime, and salt build up that can break down the underbody and side panels of your van. And, while you are at it, make sure to clean those windows so they’ll easily slide up and down when the weather’s nice.

Once these tasks are complete, you will be able to determine if any non-routine maintenance may be needed. For example, with clean carpets you will be able to identify if there’s any rips or tears in need of repair or replacement. And, with a squeaky clean exterior you will be able to spot any signs of rust that may need to be fixed.

General Maintenance Tips

The next job to tackle is general maintenance. These are slightly more involved than the general cleaning tasks, and in some instances may require some assistance from someone who’s experienced at taking care of vehicle maintenance. Here’s a few of those tasks:

  • Give your tires attention: check the pressure on your tires and ensure they’re within the suggested range. While you’re there, make sure to tighten the lug nuts on your wheels if it’s needed. Additionally, you will want to make sure you have enough tread left on your tires. If they are starting to wear too much, then it’s time to have them replaced.
  • Replace those tired blades: your wiper blades should be replaced once or twice per year, and a great time to do this is between the snowy and rainy seasons. If you know that it has been a while, make sure to add these to your spring cleaning routine.
  • Under the hood: debris and dirt can get into your engine bay nearly as easily as it can get into the interior of your vehicle. Giving your engine a quick wipe down between seasons can ensure outside elements aren’t causing problems down the line.
  • Oil it up: if it has been a while since you’ve had your oil changed, spring is a great time to have this done. This will keep your engine running smoothly and ensure that you are road trip ready, whenever the open road is calling.

Take note: these general cleaning and maintenance tips don’t just apply to wheelchair vans, they can and should be applied to any vehicle that you own.

Wheelchair Van Conversion Tips

There are also a few tasks specific to wheelchair vans that are always easy to include in your regular vehicle spring cleaning. These include:

  • Checking the ramp: watch as your van’s ramp goes in and out (or up and down if you have a lift) to make sure it is running smoothly. With time your ramp may have a few squeaks or bumps that can be eliminated with a quick wipe down or oiling.
  • Cleaning the securements: at least a few times each year you will want to check your tie downs and securements. Wiping them down will make sure they’re clear of dirt and debris that may prohibit them from locking your wheelchair safely into place.
  • Test, test, test: If you do not drive your van regularly, make sure to test out the conversion features, like the hand controls and the transfer seat. Checking to make sure they’re in perfect working order once per year will ensure there’s no surprises the next time you need to hit the open road.

We’re Here to Lend a Helping Hand

At Rollx Vans, we know a few things about regular vehicle maintenance and cleaning. In fact, we have an entire team of maintenance and service technicians that are ready and waiting to help you service your van. Whether it’s a quick tune up service or your vehicle needs a lot of work, you can schedule a service visit. Whether you have this done in our wheelchair vans sale shop in Savage, Minnesota or from one of our technicians that service vans all across the country, we look forward to meeting your unique service needs.

If you have any questions or if you wish to schedule a service appointment, all you need to do is contact our team today to discuss your needs and to schedule an appointment.

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