Summer Activities for Wheelchair Users on a Budget

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One of the best parts about summer is simply getting out of the house, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather. But, sitting still and taking in the sunshine can become monotonous if that is all that you are doing to enjoy the season. Lucky for us, summer is the perfect time to take in a variety of fun, exciting and different activities.

For some, this means taking a well-deserved vacation to a location they haven’t been to before or even within an easy handicap vans driving distance. But, vacations can be costly. If a vacation is an expense that is beyond your budget this season, there are still many activities that you can participate in this summer and not break the bank. Here is a list of our favorite summer activities for wheelchair users on a budget.

Enjoy Picnics at the Park

Picnics are a great way for you, your caregiver or your family to get out of the house during the warmer months. Pack a small cooler with items like sandwiches, cold salads, and lots of beverages to help you stay hydrated outdoors. You can also bring along items like granola bars, crackers and chips, as these stand up well to the warmer temperatures. Many parks have picnic tables under covered shelter areas to help you stay out of the sun for an extended period of time. Often these tables have open ends that are wheelchair accessible.

Explore a Museum

Museums are a great way to explore this summer, especially if it’s too hot outside or if it is a rainy day. While many museums charge admission, they may have free admission evenings or early mornings. Check the website of your local museum to see what days they may have free or reduced admission to help make this summer activity more budget friendly.

Take a Camping Trip

Camping can be incredibly budget friendly if you already have all the necessary equipment for a camping trip. Many campgrounds have affordable wheelchair accessible camping sites or cabins that will help make this expedition much more comfortable and enjoyable. Don’t forget to pack marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to indulge in s’mores around the campfire at night!

Nighttime Stargazing

Whether you take-in this next activity while you are already camping or you make this a special trip, stargazing is something anyone can participate in this summer. Just pick a spot with an open view of the sky after twilight and look up. If your location is prone to lots of bugs, you can easily do this activity within your vehicle or at a local observatory.

Head to a Local Beach or Lake

Staying cool this summer can be as easy as heading out to the water. If your home town is anything like the hometowns in Minnesota, you are sure to have easy access to a beach or lake with a beach area. For some, it may take a bit of driving to find a local beach or lake, but once you are there, it is well worth it. At the beach, you can socialize with your friends and family, read a good book or cool off in the water.


Speaking of the water, swimming in a local pool is a great low cost activity for the summer. If you don’t have a pool in your own backyard, you may be able to find an accessible pool available for use at a local gym or hotel. Some may charge you a small fee to use it and some of the accessible pools may be located indoors. No matter where the pool is located, going for a swim is sure to cool you down and provide some exercise this summer.

Wheelchair Sports

Another great way to get exercise throughout the summer is by joining a wheelchair sports team. This could include any range of activities from tennis and soccer to kayaking or fishing. There may be a fee to join a team for any of these sports and you may need to provide your own equipment, depending on the sport you choose, but playing any of these sports with friends or family shouldn’t be a financial burden.

Give Back by Volunteering

Not into sports? Can’t stray far from home? That’s okay! Another great activity for the summer months is to simply volunteer. Nonprofit organizations are always looking for extra hands and can usually find something for anyone to help with, regardless of their abilities. You can also call your local hospital to see if they have any volunteer openings. Not only will a volunteer position get you out of the house on a regular basis, giving back to your local community will help you feel better and lift your spirits, too!

Hitting the Open Road for Summer Activities

Many summer activities won’t require a lot of travel. In fact, many of these activities can be as simple as taking one of our new or used handicap vans out on the open road. Depending on where you live, many of these summer activities may also be very close to home, within the city you live in or within part of a day’s drive. We recommend conducting a quick Google search prior to starting out towards an activity, both so you can find the perfect wheelchair accessible location and also so you can get any driving directions you may need.

Need a Few Additional Ideas?

At Rollx Vans, our number one priority is our customers and we love helping them find their way. If you are stuck and need some ideas for some low cost activities, give us a holler. We would love to get to know you (or get to know you better, if we’re already acquainted) and give you some ideas. Who knows? One quick call to our sales team and you could be planning your next big handicap vans road trip!

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