The Best Vans for Seniors to Get In and Out Of

best van for seniors

It is no secret that the population in the United States is aging. The Baby Boomer generation is already at or nearing retirement age. As seniors age, mobility can become increasingly more difficult. Seniors may have difficulty getting into or out of a vehicle. Walking can require assistance with a cane, walker or even wheelchair. And daily errands can become more difficult to achieve with the use of a standard vehicle.

Furthermore, a lack of access to transportation options that can accommodate an aging senior, leaves much of the aging population stuck at home. So for seniors and their caregivers the question can become “what mode of transportation can accommodate our needs?” While the answer varies based on each seniors’ individual needs, the best van for seniors with mobility issues to get in and out of is a wheelchair van.

Minivans for Seniors

Minivans were the first sport utility vehicle. Hitting the market in 1983, vans became a popular solution for families that needed more passenger space than cars or trucks provided. But, vans quickly rose in popularity for seniors, as well. The first minivans on the market were introduced by Chrysler, the Dodge Caravan and the Plymouth Voyager. And while they were first marketed towards families and were dubbed as a vehicle for soccer moms, advances in technology have allowed minivans to become just as fun to drive as any other vehicle on the open road.

The Advantages of Minivans for Seniors

With minivans being a somewhat newer vehicle model development, how did they rise in popularity so quickly? The list of reasons is much too long to ever fully list out. But, when it comes to minivans for aging seniors, there are some major advantages to owning and driving one. Here are just a few that come to mind:

  • Power sliding doors.
    With the click of a button, the side-entry power sliding door grants aging seniors, their families and their caregivers access to their van. This makes it extremely easy for seniors to access their vehicle without needing to be supported by their loved ones.
  • Cargo flexibility.
    Every vehicle could use a little more cargo space to haul all of your belongings. But, with a minivan, the cargo space is unmatched. There is plenty of room to hold your bags while you are out running errands, and for seniors who are wheelchair users, the cargo space means being able to bring any medical essentials or wheelchair back up equipment that may be necessary.
  • High, clear sightlines.
    A higher view of the road with clear sightlines is always a plus for seniors. This helps them to be more easily aware of their surroundings on the road and to be able to react more quickly should defensive driving actions need to take place.
  • Flexible seating arrangements.
    With second and third row seating, minivans can accommodate families of just about any size. This is important for seniors who often drive around family members or caregivers. For wheelchair-using seniors, the seating arrangements in a minivan can also be flexible to ensure the wheelchair user is riding or driving from where they are most comfortable.
  • Reliability.
    They may not look like it, but minivans are built to be one of the toughest vehicles out on the open road. And when you add the additional structural support of a converted minivan, the safety and reliability are unmatched by any other vehicle in the market.

Are Wheelchair Vans Just for Wheelchair Users?

While the majority of wheelchair van owners do or transport a wheelchair or mobility scooter, wheelchair vans are not just for wheelchair users. Above all else, wheelchair vans are one of the safest transportation options for aging seniors. Wheelchair vans are ADA compliant vehicles. This means they have more space which allows for wheelchairs to easily maneuver within the cabin of the vehicle. It also gives seniors who have trouble walking, the ability to move within a larger area that is free of tight turns or areas where they would need to sidestep.

Wheelchair vans can also accommodate a transfer seat. While marketed to wheelchair users, this seat allows aging seniors the ability to drive the vehicle without needing to squeeze or climb into the driver’s seat. It is easier on their aging body and a much safer option than a traditional seat when seniors have limited or decreased mobility.

Overall, wheelchair vans are a better, easier and safer option for aging seniors, their families and their caregivers.

Transportation for Seniors from Rollx Vans

At Rollx Vans, our team goes above and beyond to help aging seniors and their families find a vehicle that will eliminate any barriers they are facing with transportation. Our team of experienced sales representatives have worked to get thousands of seniors behind the wheel of a new or used wheelchair van over the years, and we know that our team can get you or your loved one back on the road to independence, as well.

Give us a call or send us an email today, so we can get any questions you may have answered, and help you pick out your next ride. We cannot wait to get to know you, your transportation needs and how we can get to work for you.

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