The Rollx Vans 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Wheelchair Vans

rollx vans satisfaction guarantee

A lot of companies boast about customer satisfaction, but not a lot of companies back it up. This is especially true in the vehicle sales industry. At Rollx Vans, we are making it our mission to provide each and every customer an experience that gives them no less than 100 percent satisfaction with their wheelchair van. That is why we made this our guarantee. What exactly does this mean for our customers? In this post we will talk a little bit more in-depth about what our satisfaction guarantee means for our customers and address a few frequently asked questions we get about the guarantee.

The Rollx Vans 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Rollx Vans, our guarantee is simple. We want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied with their wheelchair van at the time of delivery or they get their money back guaranteed. And beyond that, we want to make sure our customers stay satisfied with their vehicle purchase. That is why we offer an industry best 7 year/100,000 mile parts and labor warranty as our standard. And we make it convenient for our customers to have their wheelchair van serviced after its been delivered. Customers can choose to have their van serviced at their home by one of our certified technicians or at any one of our over 360 service partners nationwide.

Guarantees Done The Rollx Vans Way.

When you have been in business as long as we have, you have seen it all, heard it all and experienced it all. This time and experience has allowed our team to perfect our processes from sales to conversion and customer service to vehicle service. It has also allowed us time to get to know the disability community and what is important to wheelchair users, their families and their caregivers when it comes to their transportation needs.

Through our experience, we have found that our first-time customers value a guarantee that they will love their vehicle. But, just because we offer the guarantee, it does not mean that potential customers will not have just a few questions about the guarantee. Here are the most commonly asked questions we get about our satisfaction guarantee:

  • Why do you offer a 100 percent satisfaction money back guarantee?
    In this day in age, we have the opportunity to sell wheelchair vans nationwide to customers that we may not have been able to meet otherwise. Our process allows us to connect with customers over the phone, video chat or through email and conduct the entire process in a safe and convenient way. While our experienced sales team is extremely thorough, our money back guarantee gives customers peace of mind, as they know they will love the final product, and if they do not for any reason, they get their money back guaranteed.
  • Which vans are included in the satisfaction guarantee?
    Our entire inventory of new and used wheelchair vans are included in the guarantee. This includes all makes and models of minivans and full size vans, no matter which conversion options the customer chooses to have their vehicle converted with.
  • Does the guarantee cost extra?
    The 100 percent satisfaction guarantee comes standard with all of our vehicles and does not cost the customer any additional fees.
  • Will all of my money be refunded if I am not happy with my van?
    If your new or used wheelchair van does not meet your expectations for any reason, our money back guarantee kicks in. You will receive all of your money back (or the financial institution your loan was through will be fully reimbursed).

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Do not just let us speak about our satisfaction guarantee. We invite you to check out our reviews online. You can find the majority of them on our website reviews page or by conducting a quick Google search like “Rollx Vans + Reviews”. Our customers have written reviews about our sales process, our after delivery service and how satisfied they are as one of our customers. In fact, our customers have given us the highest customer satisfaction rating in our industry and 99 percent of our customers have indicated they would buy from us again.

Give Our Guarantee a Shot for Yourself

Buying a wheelchair van is a big investment that most people do not feel comfortable taking a gamble on. At Rollx Vans, our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee lets wheelchair users get the van they need, with the conversion options that will let them lead a more independent life, and have a guarantee in place that they will absolutely love the final product. Our sales team is ready and waiting to take your call, answer your questions and help you on your way to having independent transportation. We can’t wait to get to know you and we promise that you will love our vans – we have a guarantee for that after all.

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