The Wheelchair Vans Industry: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

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When it comes to buying handicap vans, there is no one-size-fits-all equation. Every wheelchair user and their caregiver or family members will utilize their van in different ways, will need different seating arrangements and likely require their own unique set of conversion features (including but not limited to transfer seats, hand controls and tie down options). It is for these reasons that every van that comes off the manufacturing line at Rollx Vans is completely unique to the customer that purchased the new or used minivan or full size van.

With all the customization options that wheelchair vans have to offer, it’s safe to say that there are also a ton of options when it comes to how you purchase your new or used wheelchair van, as well. In our industry you will find everything from dealership chains with hundreds of locations nationwide to local one-off shops to online dealers and direct from manufacturer sales. With so many options to choose between, how can anyone narrow it down and select a company to buy from? We’re here to help you by giving you a few things to consider when selecting a company (just a hint: bigger isn’t always better).

Every Vehicle Purchase Begins with Research

No matter how you purchase a vehicle, whether this is handicap vans or a standard vehicle purchase, chances are you will start the search online. In the decades since vehicle shopping moved online, consumers have been able to get detailed information about vehicle brands, models and the package options available to them prior to even talking with a sales person. In the wheelchair vans industry, it’s likely that you will find all the available model options online, as well.

At Rollx Vans, you will find that we take it one step further than the competition by publishing the price of all of our vehicles right on our website, so our customers have full transparency right from the very beginning of their research.

Try Before You Buy

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and getting to experience it first-hand before signing on the dotted line is an important step in the vehicle buying process. When it comes to fully customized wheelchair vans, that isn’t always possible. That’s because a custom product can’t be created until after the point of purchase is completed. So, many wheelchair users think that they may not be able to test drive a vehicle or experience one in person. And, even more believe this is true when working with an online company that doesn’t have nationwide brick and mortar stores.

At Rollx Vans, we offer nationwide service and delivery, which means we also provide the option for nationwide test drives. While it is true that you won’t be driving the exact vehicle that will end up parked in your driveway or garage (remember, it needs to be custom built first), we strive to get our customers an in-person look at a vehicle model with features as close to what they’re looking for as possible. And, we offer customers the option to visit our manufacturing facility in Minnesota and a test drive around the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area, or we bring one of our vehicles and knowledgeable technicians right to their front door.

Smaller Shop. More Personalized Service.

In the retail space, consumers tend to gravitate towards big box retailers with big brand names. After all, there’s a Starbucks or Target on every corner, isn’t there? And because they are on every corner, that makes them more convenient, right? But, do they always have everything you are looking for on every trip? And, do they know your name, the name of your family members, your caregiver, your unique needs and interests? Probably not.

At Rollx Vans, we offer national sales and national service which uniquely positions us in every driveway or on every corner. But beyond that, we pride ourselves on personalized service and getting to know the story of each and every one of our customers, their families and their caregivers. We give our team the flexibility to offer that personalized service for everyone that we come in contact with, rather than just making them another sales goal on a dealership lot.

Other Considerations

In addition to your initial vehicle research, the ability to try a vehicle before you buy and the personalized service you will receive from a company, there are many other considerations when selecting a company to buy from. In the wheelchair vans industry this may include items like:

  • What happens after you buy? Will the dealer require you to have all maintenance done at their location? Do they have service locations near where you live?
    To answer briefly on behalf of Rollx Vans, we offer a variety of service options for our customers, so they can choose the service that works best for them. This includes service at our facility, service at home by one of our experienced technicians, service at one of our partner shops or taking your van to any shop of your choosing. We offer complete flexibility when it comes to the service of your vehicle.
  • Customer satisfaction. How likely are their past customers to recommend them as a company to work with?
    Don’t just trust the dealership, do your own research when it comes to reviews. A simple Google search with the “company name” + “reviews” should do the trick when it comes to finding out anything you want to know about them. Give it a try for Rollx Vans – we’d love to hear what you find!

Shop Rollx Vans

When you are looking to make a big commitment purchase, like a wheelchair van, it’s safe to assume you want to partner with the best possible company out there, so you can be confident that your investment will last as long as you need it to. And like wheelchair vans, no company is a one-size-fits-all for every single customer. But, when it comes to offering the best possible wheelchair van buying experience out there, the team at Rollx Vans is up for the challenge. We know that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to companies in our industry. We hope that we can help you see that, too. Contact our team today. We promise that you won’t be sorry that you did!

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