3 Conversion Van Features You Should Consider in 2019

wheelchair van conversion features

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: technology is ever changing. Every year the automobile manufacturers are pushing further than they’ve been before and introducing newer, better designs for the vehicle models that we all know and love. Not sure what we mean by that? Just take a look at the new vehicle models on the market, backup cameras are nearly a standard feature in every new vehicle and they were a brand new feature just a few short years ago.

But, technology is even changing rapidly in the wheelchair vans industry. Wheelchair vans sale manufacturers have to adapt right along with the automobile industry. One major change in recent years was the addition of the Chrysler Pacifica minivan model to the conversion van lineup. Other changes can be as simple as the conversion technology varying from manufacturer to manufacturer.

And when faced with the decision of which conversion features you should include in your next wheelchair van purchase, the options can seem endless. Some options may be required to operate the vehicle safely and others to conserve your energy for a better experience. Here’s three options that we recommend.

Driver or Passenger Transfer Seat

The Rollx Vans 6-Way Power Seat to be exact. It can be installed in either the driver’s or passenger’s seat position. It allows for more than 18 inches of forward and back slide travel, and features a trackless design where the tracks disappear when the seat is in the forward position. This means there are no tracks on the floor that could pose an issue for wheelchair users or their caretakers. Additionally, the seat design includes a traveling footrest and nine inches of height adjustment.

We may be biased, but we think this is the best transfer seat there is. What gives us the confidence to say it is the best on the market? Let’s run through just a few of the reasons:

  1. Our design puts the driver or passenger seat into a perfect transfer position making it easier and safer for someone that is able to transfer from their wheelchair into either front seat.
  2. Rollx Vans exclusive trackless design keeps the floor clear for ease of maneuvering a wheelchair inside of the vehicle. The small footprint is compact and clean with a factory appearance that doesn’t detract from the interior appearance.
  3. Our transfer seat has a nine-inch vertical travel. Most people using wheelchairs and scooters prefer to transfer downhill. The Vans transfer seat can be adjusted to be lower than the wheelchair seat when transferring into the front seat and then adjusted higher than the wheelchair seat when transferring out.
  4. The Rollx Vans transfer seat travels back 20 inches then rotates around up to 180 degrees allowing for a lateral transfer without interference from the opposite seat, front console or steering wheel. It also allows additional room for their legs to swing around without hitting the opposite seat.
  5. Our seat has a six button micro processor controlled hand pendant for precise, easy operation. The seat can be stopped at any position making it infinitely adjustable for a perfect transfer position.
  6. Last, but not least the Rollx Vans transfer seat is rated up to 500 pounds, and is solid and secure.

With so many amazing features that come standard with this 6-way transfer seat, the only decision you will need to make it whether you want it installed in a full-size van or minivan.

Hand Controls

While there are a number of driving control options available including steering wheel devices, and zero-effort steering, brakes and touch-pads, hand controls are a necessity for many people that use wheelchairs. Hand controls pair well with our trackless transfer seat and allow wheelchair users the convenience of being able to drive themselves wherever they need to go. Most hand controls rest just below the steering column and are adjustable to fit each driver. In fact, they are custom created for each wheelchair user after being evaluated by professional driver evaluator.

Hand controls also come in mechanical, pneumatic and electronic setups. For drivers who have limitations in upper body strength and mobility, an electronic or pneumatic setup may be necessary to use because they require less effort and range of motion. Finally, hand control setups do not interfere with the standard driving pedals. Anyone who needs to use the pedals to pilot the vehicle can do so without any interference from the hand controls. This makes it easy for a spouse, family member or friend to drive the vehicle at any time.

Wheelchair Power Tie-Downs

There are a variety of wheelchair tie-down options available in the wheelchair van industry. At Rollx Vans, we offer manual, retractable and power tie-down options for our wheelchair van customers. Power tie-downs are hands down the safest, easiest way for a wheelchair user to secure themselves within a vehicle. They secure wheelchairs with a locking mechanism placed on the floor that connects to a rod on the bottom of a wheelchair. To release, wheelchair users simply press a button mounted on the dashboard. The chair can also be manually released using a lever on the tie-down itself.

Power tie-downs can be used with both manual and power wheelchairs and can be placed in any area of the vehicle. If a wheelchair user will be driving the vehicle at any time from their wheelchair instead of a transfer seat, this is the only option that will allow them to do so.

How to Choose the Right Features for You

Just like no two wheelchair vans are right for the same wheelchair user, no two (or three) conversion features will be right for every wheelchair user. It is important to determine how the wheelchair van will be used, who will be the primary driver of the van, how they want to sit while driving, who else could be driving that same wheelchair van, and even who else could be riding in the wheelchair van. Once the answers to these questions have been determined, you can start to narrow down which conversion features will work best for the wheelchair user, their caretakers and even their family. Then, you can work with an experienced sales representative to select the options that will work best.

Why Wait? Get Started Today

Ready to get started selecting the wheelchair van conversion features that will work for you, your caretakers and your family? Contact one of our Rollx Vans sales team members, so they can walk you through every step of the Rollx Vans process. We know you won’t be sorry that you did.

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