Top Complaints About Wheelchair Vans (And How We Address Them)

wheelchair van complaints

Over the course of the past year, more and more consumers have looked to shopping online for everything from household essentials and groceries to a new or used vehicle. And yes you probably guessed, this also includes new and used wheelchair van sales. And, as more and more companies have answered the call to moving their operations online, they are wanting to put their best foot forward with their first impression. For many companies, this means showcasing only their best customer reviews and experiences.

But, when you have been in the business as long as we have been, you know that reviews that are hand-picked for a website don’t always paint the full picture. That is why we link our reviews page directly to all the major third-party review websites, so potential customers can get the full picture (but that’s another story for another post). So, what don’t wheelchair van companies want you to know about wheelchair vans? We put together a list of the top complaints we have heard from customers or potential customers about wheelchair vans. In this post we will take a look at these complaints and then share how we have addressed or continue to address these complaints.

Top Complaints About Wheelchair Vans (In General)

As with any industry, there are bound to be some generalized complaints with a product across the board. Here the top general grievances as they pertain to the industry as a whole:

  • Not being able to find a full size van with AWD.
    Customers who wanted the space of a full size van, but the drivability of all wheel drive (AWD), have often been told they had to choose one over the other.

    At Rollx Vans, we bring factory AWD options, as well as aftermarket AWD options to our customers, so they no longer have to choose one over the other.

  • Not being able to drive from their wheelchair.
    We hear this complaint from new customers a lot. Some wheelchair van manufacturers simply don’t allow for enough space in the front section of the vehicle for a wheelchair to fit in the driver or front passenger seat positions, which only allows a wheelchair user to ride in the center of the vehicle cabin. Additionally, for full size GMC vans, many wheelchair van manufacturers only raise the roof and they don’t lower the floor of the vehicle, which doesn’t allow for the headroom necessary for a wheelchair user to drive from their wheelchair.

    At Rollx Vans, we strive to make all of our conversions as versatile as possible, so the wheelchair user can choose where they want to be within their vehicle, including behind the wheel as the driver.

  • Poor drivability compared to unconverted vehicles.
    Converting a standard van into a wheelchair van by lowering and reinforcing the floor and adding height to the door, among other conversion steps, changes the structure of the vehicle. This can cause the vehicle to feel like it drives differently on the road and is often a complaint of wheelchair users.

    At Rollx Vans, our team uses the most factory parts of any converter in our industry and does not lower the floor as far as many competitors, making it the closest to the original structural integrity of the standard vehicle. Often this means that the drivability is much closer to that of an unconverted vehicle.

  • Too much noise within the interior cabin of the vehicle.
    Much like the structural changes affect drivability, they also affect interior cabin noise levels, as well. When combined with the addition of a ramp and other conversion features, the cabin in many wheelchair vans is louder than a standard vehicle.

    At Rollx Vans, we try to eliminate the extra noise by using double door seals, Foam-Tech floor insulation, and a rubberized undercoating. When combined, these help cut down on structural and road noises that can affect the noise level within the interior cabin.

Top Complaints About Competitor Vans

Below are the top complaints our customers have expressed to our team about previous experiences when buying a van from one of the other companies in our industry. In addition, we have outlined how we have addressed these complaints.

  • Being sold a van that doesn’t fit their needs.
    The car sales industry as a whole is filled with sales teams that are chasing a commission. This is even true for wheelchair van sales. This can lead to wheelchair users or their caregivers being sold on items they don’t actually need for their van, as it increases the cost of the vehicle and in turn the sales commission.

    At Rollx Vans, we structure our sales commissions a little bit different than most dealers. Our team gets the same commission whether the vehicle conversion is sold with the bare minimum or is fully loaded with conversion equipment. This means they are not incentivized to sell additional equipment that someone does not need or will never need in the future.

  • Poor quality of service after receiving their converted vehicle.
    This might be one of the top complaints we hear within our industry. Wheelchair users get great service until they receive their keys, and then the dealer disappears on them when it comes to any follow-up repairs or maintenance the van may need.

    At Rollx Vans, our team makes sure we stay in contact with our customers whenever they might need us. This includes for repairs or routine maintenance. It’s so important to us that we even offer multiple ways for a van owner to get service done on their van, so they can pick the option that best suits their needs and convenience.

What About Rollx Vans?

At Rollx Vans, we pride ourselves on our transparency with customers throughout the entire process. That’s why we display all of our prices directly on our website. And why we understand we are not immune to customer complaints. But it is what happens after those complaints and how we address them that makes our team stand out from the competition. Below are the top complaints we have received about our own products over the years and how we have addressed them to create a better product for future customers.

  • Fees for the at-home delivery option.
    We like to provide as many options as possible to our customers, that’s why we offer customers the option to pick up their vehicle or to have it delivered right to their driveway. In the past, there was a delivery fee to select the at-home delivery option, but in talking to our customers we found that they would prefer the at-home delivery option, but didn’t want to pay the delivery fee. So, we eliminated it and the at-home delivery option no longer comes at an additional price.
  • Issues with vehicle battery going dead.
    In the past, we had an issue with some of the van model conversions where the battery would die for seemingly no reason. We found that this was being caused by the remote control module. With the remote control module being so close to the battery, it would not go to sleep when not being used and instead would run constantly and drain the battery. We reconfigured the location of the remote control module within our conversions, which now allows the module to go to sleep when inactive and no longer causes the van battery to die unexpectedly.
  • Poor passenger comfort in the rear passenger seat.
    Our team strives to make sure every passenger within the vehicle is riding comfortably and feels like they are riding in a regular vehicle. We found that this wasn’t always the case for passengers sitting in the rear bench seat. Due to the lowered floor, passengers were no longer able to reach when setting their feet on the ground. To fix this issue and provide the most comfort to these passengers, we now install a folding footrest that they can choose to use when sitting on the bench seat.

What Issues Can We Help You Address?

At Rollx Vans, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We don’t just say that either, we have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee to back it up. Should a customer be unsatisfied for any reason, our team will work tirelessly to make it right. That includes providing full money back should the van not work out and suit their needs. We know our customers love working with us and we hope you will too. Give our team a call today so we can help you find a van that works for you and fits your needs.

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