What to Expect in your First Meeting with Rollx Vans

Purchasing a vehicle, even a standard vehicle right off the dealership lot, can be a daunting task for many people. This is because there are a multitude of options available to buyers from new or used to the various makes, models, colors and features available. With so many options, it can be difficult to narrow down to just one vehicle and make the leap into a purchase.

When it comes to buying a wheelchair accessible van, the process can seem overwhelming to first time customers. Not only is there a decision to be made for new or used and the make and model of the vehicle, but there is also ramps and lifts, seating configuration, transfer seats and hand controls to consider.

At Rollx Vans our goal is to make the process as easy and as enjoyable as possible for our customers. This starts with the first meeting customers have with Rollx Vans all the way through their vehicle hitting the open road. So, you might find yourself asking, what would my first meeting with Rollx Vans look like? That’s a great question, and we’re hoping this post provides some answers.

Meeting a Rollx Vans Sales Representative

There are multiple ways that you can get connected with a Rollx Vans sales team member. As a new customer emailing or calling our offices for the first time, you will be randomly assigned to one of our sales staff. From there, they will connect with you via your preferred method of communication, either over the phone or online through your email address. (Fun fact: our sales team often finds that it is an even split between email and phone for their first communication with a new customer!)

Additionally, customers local to the Twin Cities area can schedule an appointment to meet in person with one of our sales team members at our facility in Savage, Minnesota. Here, customers will be able to see the vehicles and our conversion process first-hand before making any big decisions when it comes to their accessible van purchase.

Your First Contact with Rollx Vans

The first time one of our sales representatives reaches out to a new customer, they will ask a fair number of questions. While it is certainly okay if that customer doesn’t know the answers to the questions right away, but these answers will help our staff to determine the right accessible vehicle fit for them.

So, what types of questions might they ask? It could include questions like:

Who is the vehicle for?

  • Will this person be a driver or a passenger?
  • If they will be a driver, will this be done from a wheelchair or from a transfer seat?
  • If they will be a passenger, where would they prefer to sit within the vehicle?
  • What is the height of the person while sitting in their wheelchair?

Knowing who we are designing the vehicle for is one of the most important parts of the process. While all of our conversion vans will work for roughly 90 percent of our customers, the height and weight of a person in their wheelchair helps us determine if there are any vehicle models or ramp types that won’t work for them. Additionally, knowing if that person is planning to be a driver or a passenger, will help determine the types of conversion features we may need to review with them.

What type of vehicle are they looking for?

  • Is this their first accessible vehicle or are they replacing one?
  • Would they prefer new or used?
  • Are they looking for a minivan or a full-size van? Or, are they open to either?
  • What options are important, for example leather or navigation, etc.?

Many of our customers already know what type of vehicle they’re looking for and the types of options they want included. This may be because they are a second time customer or because they’ve worked with a driver evaluator to determine their needs. But, many customers also don’t know already and that’s okay. Our team will be able to talk through the various options available with each make and model. Additionally, our team may ask which of these options are most important and if any of them are items that they’d forgo if they need to stick within a specific budget.

A few budgetary items

  • Do they have a budget or price range already set?
  • What will their down payment be?
  • Are they working with the VA or another agency?
  • Are they in need of financing?

Budget questions are usually the easiest for our new customers to answer. Generally, buyers will know going into the process approximately how much they want to spend and if they will need financing. For customers that are Veterans, they may not already know about VA programs that can assist them with the financing of their accessible van. Our sales team is equipped with all the latest information on the VA and other agency programs that can possibly help our customers with funding.

The Next Steps Beyond the First Contact

Once the Rollx Vans sales representative has the answers to these questions, they can look through our vehicle inventory and make suggestions to the customer for which vehicle(s) may fit their needs. In fact, they’ll be able to send them a link to the vehicle on our website which is complete with photos, vehicle information and pricing. Additionally, they can schedule a test drive for the customer, even if they’re not local to our facility. In fact, one of our technicians will bring a converted Rollx Van directly to your home and go over all the options and conversion features.

Getting Started

At Rollx Vans, we make our customers our number one priority. We do this by having one of the most knowledgeable sales teams in the industry to help our customers through the buying process. Because we manufacturer our vehicles right at the same facility that our sales team works from, they have direct access to the products, the process and the team that makes the conversion possible. At Rollx Vans, we are more than a car dealer that sells accessible vans, we are a team that makes independence for our customers a possibility. Contact us today to get connected with a member of our sales team.

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