What You Need to Know About the GMC Savana (and Other Full-Size Wheelchair Vans)

GMC Savana Wheelchair Accessible Full Size Van

When it comes to purchasing a new or used wheelchair van, many people may think that there is only one or two options on the market. We find that many people are surprised to learn that there are actually a lot of options available for wheelchair users, their families and their caregivers to consider.

At Rollx Vans, we offer our customers their choice between minivans or full size handicap vans for sale. Our minivans include the Chrysler Pacifica, the Dodge Grand Caravan and a wide variety of previously owned minivan models. We also offer a wide variety of full size wheelchair vans for sale, but the most popular include the GMC Savana and the Ford Transit vans. These include both new and used full size wheelchair vans. In this post, we will take a closer look at the full size van options for wheelchair users, more specifically the GMC Savana.

Everything You Need to Know about the GMC Savana

The GMC Savana has been a staple of the General Motors line up since 1995 when it replaced the GMC Vandura. It is a mechanical twin to another full size van you may be familiar with, the Chevy Express. The GMC Savana is manufactured in either cargo or passenger van models and comes standard with:

  • Six speed automatic transmission
  • Two-sided galvanized body panels
  • Fold away exterior mirrors
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Side airbags for added safety
  • And, much more!

In addition to the standard features, the X-SE package upgrade offers options like power reclining lumbar front seats, a power sliding rear sofa, a power sunroof with sun screen, padded front door armrests, lighted drink holders and premier exterior lighting to name just a few. Other non-standard options that can be added to any GMC Savana model include navigation, heated seats, USB charging ports, a 15 inch LCD flip down monitor, a subwoofer for TV sound system and a gaming outlet.

GMC Savana Wheelchair Vans

When it comes to the GMC Savana as a wheelchair van, wheelchair users cannot go wrong. The conversion for the GMC Savana full size vans lower the floor of the vehicle a full six inches to accommodate a 55 inch door and a standard interior height of 58 inches. This will easily allow the majority of wheelchair users the headroom they need to enter and exit the vehicle safely. For wheelchair users that need a little bit of additional space, the GMC Savana also has a raised roof option.

As for getting into and out of this full size van model, wheelchair uses have many lift options available for conversion. This includes both dual post and single post lifts. One popular option for the GMC Savana is the walk thru dual post lift.

Once inside the GMC Savana, wheelchair users, their families and their caregivers will experience more than 62 inches of interior width and more than 100 inches of interior length. This allows wheelchair users as much room as possible to be able to navigate within the conversion van. Much like the other full-size van options, the GMC Savana accommodates wheelchair users that want to ride in the interior cabin, drive from their wheelchair or even transfer into one of our Rollx Vans six way transfer seats. Wheelchair users can also use any of the available tiedown devices in this full size van model depending on their preference for manual or automatic securement.

The GMC Savana also allows for the maximum number of additional passengers, so you can get everyone where they need to go all within one vehicle.

GMC Full Size Wheelchair Van Interior

Full Size Vans. The Rollx Vans Way.

Whether you choose a new GMC Savana or another full size conversion van like the Ford Transit or Dodge Ram Promaster, when you work with our team at Rollx Vans one thing will remain the same, you will not regret it. At Rollx Vans, our team prides itself on dealer transparency, vehicle selection, service, inspections and warranties. What does this mean for our customers exactly? It means each and every customer can expect the same experience with our team including:

  • Transparency. Our team shares pricing, vehicle information and all warranties and policies from the very start, beginning with our website. Our customers will find the vehicle costs displayed right within our inventory, without having to call a sales team representative for more information.
  • Vehicle Selection. We provide one of the largest selections of fully customizable minivan and full size van options in the market. This allows our customers to get what they are looking for from the very beginning.
  • Service. At Rollx Vans, we offer service for each of our conversion vans that is convenient and reliable for our customers. So much so, that we will send a service technician right to their front door!
  • Inspection and Warranty. We do not settle for anything less than perfection, which is why each of our vehicles goes through rigorous safety inspections throughout the entire conversion process. And, we back these up with some of the best warranties in the market.

At Rollx Vans, we know that your ride should be your way. Contact our team today to learn more about our new and used minivan and full size vans options. We promise you will not regret it – it is time to get behind the wheel of your next vehicle and we want to help you get out on the open road.

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