Will a Wheelchair Van Fit with my Lifestyle?

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Are you new to the wheelchair van buying process? Maybe it is your first time looking into handicapped vans for sale and maybe you are not quite sure where to begin? It is also possible you have not really started the search for a new or used van, but have been considering whether or not it may be time to buy a wheelchair van of your own. No matter where you are at with the process, our team at Rollx Vans is here to help guide the way and answer any questions you may have along the way.

One of the questions we get asked a lot by first time customers is “will a wheelchair van fit with my lifestyle?” Most of them are asking this because they have never used a wheelchair van before and they may not be sure if a wheelchair van will be an improvement upon their current method of transportation. Often we find that these are people who transfer themselves into the seat of a standard vehicle or a caregiver who transfers a wheelchair user into a standard vehicle. After talking with many of these types of customers, we find that their current method of transferring is becoming too difficult to continue to do on a regular basis and they need a new solution for their transportation needs.

You may find that you are at the same crossroads. Some questions you may already be asking yourself or the person you are caring for could include:

  • Is it becoming too difficult to transfer into a standard vehicle seat?
  • Would it be more convenient to remain seated in a wheelchair within a vehicle?
  • Do you need enough space to fit a wheelchair user and additional people in one vehicle?

If you answered any of these questions with a yes, then a wheelchair accessible van may be the next step for your transportation needs. But, you may still be wondering if it will fit with your lifestyle.

Answering the Question: Will a Wheelchair Van Fit with my Lifestyle?

We may be a little bit biased, but we think that wheelchair vans are a great vehicle option for wheelchair users regardless of their lifestyle. This is because they have enough space to accommodate custom options for each individual customer and their unique lifestyles. Don’t believe us? Here are a couple examples:

  • The Individual that Wants to Drive
    Let’s say you are a single person looking to get yourself into the driver’s seat, but are having a difficult time transferring yourself into the driver’s seat. A wheelchair van can be customized to allow you to enter the vehicle using a ramp or lift, secure your wheelchair into the driver’s position and use hand controls to operate the vehicle. Alternately, if you are wanting to transfer into a van seat, our six way Rollx Vans transfer seat gives you the option for that, as well. As an added bonus, a wheelchair van will give you enough space to bring anything you want to bring with you out on the open road, like wheelchair sports equipment for example.
  • The Caregiver that Wants to Transport
    Maybe instead of being a wheelchair user yourself, you are a caregiver looking to transport an adult wheelchair user on a regular basis. With a wheelchair van, the wheelchair user can use a transfer seat to transfer into the front passenger seat position, or ride anywhere within the interior cabin of the vehicle from their wheelchair. This reduces the amount of transferring you as a caregiver will need to do for the wheelchair user at least as it relates to transportation.
  • The Family that Wants to Be Together
    Wheelchair vans are also the perfect option for families with a child in a wheelchair and still want to travel together in one vehicle. The wheelchair user can sit in their wheelchair within the cabin of the vehicle, and you will still have the space for additional members of your family to sit within the vehicle. In fact, you can still fit other five people quite comfortably in a converted minivan.

Buy Direct. Customization is Key.

If you are still worried that a wheelchair van may not fit with your lifestyle, we recommend looking into buying direct from a wheelchair van manufacturer. Why do we recommend this, you may ask? Wheelchair van manufacturers, like our team at Rollx Vans, customize your wheelchair van from the ground up. This means you will get to select the base vehicle from options like the Chrysler Pacifica or the Dodge Grand Caravan, choose the exterior and interior colors, and then add all of the conversion options that will help tailor the vehicle to your lifestyle. The end result will be a van that is custom, not only to your needs, but to your lifestyle, as well.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Are you ready to take the next step towards buying one of the many great handicapped vans for sale on the market? Contact one of the sales team members at Rollx Vans. We work directly with each and every one of our customers to make sure they are getting everything they need and want out of their vehicle. It is important to us that our customers get a vehicle that not only fits their needs, but that fits their lifestyle, as well. Contact us today to get started. We know you won’t regret that you did!

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