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Better Living Through Disability Vehicles

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Keeping the Simple Things Simple

For people who live with a disability, the area of mobility can sometimes be a challenge.  Cars don’t accommodate wheelchairs.  Public transportation is often inconvenient and crowded.  Something as simple as running to the store for milk can suddenly become a huge obstacle.

But it doesn’t have to be.

With disability vehicles, a person in a wheelchair can be at the steering wheel and ready to drive in just a minute.  If they want, they never even have to leave there chair.

Mobility for All With Disability Vans

When we say disabled vehicles, we don’t mean vehicles that have disabilities, but rather, vehicles that’s designed for those who have disabilities.  Some people are born with a condition that causes mobility issues.  Others experience an accident or develop something that affects their day-to-day movement.

Whatever the cause might be, a disability vehicle can give back some of that lost mobility, providing freedom to drive around as needed.

Our vans are built specifically to accommodate wheelchairs.  Whether you’re driving or riding along in the back, we offer the options to meet your needs.  From the moment you enter one of our vans to the time you exit at your destination, you can expect a surprisingly convenient ride from a Rollx Van.

We think going to the store or taking care of a quick errand should be simple for everyone.

No exceptions.

That’s why we build our disability vans.  To bring back freedom and convenience to those in need.  There’s a world out there, waiting to be explored.  Transportation shouldn’t be a reason to hold anyone back.

Our Process

We believe the key to providing accessibility lies in the very framework of the vehicle.  A van that’s straight off the factory assembly isn’t designed for wheelchairs.  If you fold the chair up, you might be able to store it in the back, but that’s about it.

To accommodate a person using a wheelchair, a van needs to have a higher ceiling, a stronger floor, and ramp or lift so that the person can get in without extra assistance.  Make that happen requires some serious engineering.  That’s why we manufacture our own wheelchair accessible vans.  That way, we know we are offering a quality product.

We start by disassembling the standard-factory van down to the frame, rerouting wires, pipes, and more.  We also reinforce the floor, and build a ramp directly into it.  Depending on the van, the floor is either lowered or the ceiling is raised to provide extra headroom.

All of this is done according to the strictest of safety standards.

When someone drives one of our disability vehicles, they can rest assured that it’s not only built with them in mind, but it’s as safe as can be.  Still, accidents can happen.  So we offer extended warranty support with service workers covering the entire nation.  In many locations, a mechanic will come directly to your place of living to help you out.

If anything goes wrong, we want to make sure we make it right.

That allows our customers to simply live their life, whether they’re going to the store or driving across country.