Rollx Vans Celebrating 45 Years

We are proud to be celebrating 45 years of helping people with disabilities increase their independence and live happier, healthier lives. Since 1978, over 20,000 customers nationwide rely on Rollx Vans for their personal transportation needs every single day.

March 7th 1978

A Tragic Accident Starts Family Business

March 7th 1978, the day Wade and Nancy’s son Tony died in a tragic ski accident. It was a horrific day for the Harris family and friends, it was also a day that bettered the lives of thousands of people with disabilities nationwide.

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What To Do With The Memorials

Handicapped & Senior Citizens Transportation Service

When Tony, was killed in a tragic ski accident in 1978, Wade searched to find meaning in his death. He and his wife, Nancy, donated their son’s memorials to fund a small transportation company for the disabled and senior communities. He pledged two fully accessible Dodge vans and $50,000. Handicapped and Senior Citizen’s Transportation Service (HSCTS) was created. Over the next three years, HSCTS provided more than 680,000 free rides to wheelchair users and senior citizens in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Finding An Unmet Need

From a leasing company to manufacturing accessible vehicles

Wade and Nancy saw an unmet need in the mobility industry and started modifying vehicles for wheelchair and scooter users.

Crash Tested Accessible Minivan

The Minivan takes over the full size dominated market

In October of 1992, Associated Leasing proudly introduced a fully accessible crash tested and certified Chrysler minivan. This totally changed the industry where the larger full size vans dominated the market.

The First Trackless Transfer Seat

Rollx Vans introduced the industry first and only trackless transfer seat allowing for safe and easier transfers

Driver and passenger transfer seats had been around for several years. These took up a lot of space inside the vehicle and hard if not impossible to maneuver around with a wheelchair. In 1995 Rollx introduce the first and still the only compact trackless design seat base that allowed for safe and convenient transfers from a wheelchair to the driver or passenger seats.

Associated Leasing

The organization eventually became what is now Rollx Vans.

Associated Leasing evolved into a substantial manufacturing company that modified full-sized and minivans for people in wheelchairs. It was time to change the name from Associated Leasing and Handicapable Vans to what is known today as Rollx Vans.

Rollx Vans Wheelchair van Service near me

At Home Service

Rollx Vans was the first in the industry to offer at-home service

In 1996, Rollx Vans introduced the industry first, at-home service program by strategically placing field technicians throughout the country. This program continues to give our customers the ultimate service, without leaving their home.

Rollx Vans Moves To Larger Facility

An assembly line process allows for increased production

By this time Rollx Van had outgrown our current facility and were no longer able to keep up with production. In 1996, we moved to an 85,000 square foot plant and installed an assembly line process which increased production and the quality of our products.

Wounded Warriors Program

Wade was a true patriot. He was grateful for his country and fellow Americans

In 2004, Wade and Nancy created a charitable program within Rollx Vans called Wounded Warriors. The program has provided the free use of wheelchair accessible vans to veterans returning from service in Afghanistan and Iraq who were injured and required lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation. The program allowed many veterans to return home with their families much sooner and have transportation to and from rehabilitation sites and medical clinics. To date, more than 200 injured veterans have been helped through this program.

Rollx Becomes ISO Certified

Delivering high quality products that exceed industry standards

Rollx Vans was proud of the Quality and Safety of our wheelchair accessible vans and wanted the certifications to back it up. In 2014, Rollx achieved the Quality Management Standards of ISO. ISO enabled us to compete in national and international markets. We wanted to be ahead of the industry and ISO Certification was beyond industry standards.

Chrysler Pacifica Crash Test

Rollx Vans meet and exceeds applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

2017 Rollx Vans Crash Tested the new Chrysler Pacifica. What does that mean exactly? It means our vans can stand up against the rest. If that does not prove our commitment to safety, then we don’t know what will.

Rollx Vans vehicles for the handicapped warranty

7/100 Warranty

Where we come from, a promise is a promise

In 2017, Rollx Vans was the first to offer our 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty on our structural integrity. This is the longest structural warranty in the industry and we’re confident in our promise!

Free Home Delivery

Rollx Vans was the first to offer free home delivery in the US

In 2018 Rollx Vans was the first manufacturer or dealer to introduce FREE at home delivery and set up. This was included on all new and used accessible vehicles. This allowed us to become the leader in the national market and aligned well with our at-home service program.

1. Fill Out the form

Start by filling out the form on this page, and a Rollx Van Finance expert will contact you to help start the application process. You will need to have ready (1) your credit information and (2) your written sales estimate for the vehicle you've selected from the mobility dealer.

2. Same Day Approval

Once the online application is received, our team will share the third-party financing vendors to provide term and rate options - in less than 60 minutes. Our mission is to provide options that fit your budget window. Advocating on your behalf with the finance sources to provide the best solution is our priority.

3. Sign Documents

Our team will work directly with the wheelchair van dealer to provide all the necessary documents, so you can simply sign and drive away I your new wheelchair accessible vehicle.


Customer Testimonials

Over 40 years and 20,000 customers have choosen Rollx Vans. See what these satisfied customers have to say about us.

James W.

Salem, MA

Camille A.

Monticello, IA

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Robbinsdale, MN
Does Rollx Vans have dealers in my area?

Rollx Vans is a manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles that sells directly to the end user. We have free delivery and set up at your home. Our transparent inventory is clearly priced on line and our professional team will work out all of the details for you.

I am working with the VA can I work with Rollx Vans for my vehicle purchase?

Rollx Vans has worked with several thousands of Veterans throughout the United States. We make the process straightforward and easy for both the VA and the Veteran, including bringing the vehicle to the VA for inspection and delivering the vehicle to the Veterans home. We are proud to partner with Partners In Energy a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business and a global provider of turn key solutions.

What if I don't like my Rollx van when I receive it?

We want you to be thrilled with your wheelchair van purchase. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee upon delivery if our customers aren’t full satisfied with their wheelchair accessible vehicle.

How do I get service on my Rollx Van?

The exclusive at-home service programs offered by Rollx Vans is one of the most successful service models in the industry for servicing wheelchair vans. No matter where you live, we have service available for you. But, this isn’t the only service option we provide for your wheelchair vehicle. We currently have over 360 service partners nationwide. With locations all across the US, and even a few in Canada and Puerto Rico, we partner with one of the largest networks of wheelchair van service plan providers in North America.

How can I see reviews on Rollx Vans?

Our after sale service is the Gold Standard in the industry. Google “Rollx Vans Reviews” to see what our customers have to say about their experience.