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We understand, you may not be familiar with wheelchair accessible transportation and the importance of even the smallest features, especially if you’re new to purchasing an accessible van. We have dedicated nearly 50 years to helping thousands of families and individuals on their journey to increasing their independence. Scroll down to view informative links, articles and E-books to help with your research. Additionally you can click on the below button to sign up for Monthly Updates and receive industry and vehicle information, special offers, and more….


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Researching Wheelchair Accessible Vans? Start here

The wheelchair van buying process can seem overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you are a first time buyer, or helping someone you care for with their search, this brief overview will help you begin the wheelchair accessible van research process and learn a few things about the wheelchair van conversion options that exist in the market.

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Adaptive Driving Equipment Options

When it comes to wheelchair vans, no two are ever exactly the same. That is because each and every wheelchair van is custom built from the ground up. And while two vans could be the same make, model, color and have the same standard option package, their adaptive driving equipment options is what sets them apart and makes them totally unique.

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Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Van Under $20K

Purchasing a vehicle, any vehicle for that matter, is a big investment. Often times, it is an investment that requires financing and is not often done solely with cash. When it comes to purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, there are additional costs involved, which can increase the cost of the investment. But, when it comes to accessible vehicle purchases, there is often a budget that customers need to stay within to make their purchase a reality.

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Ways to Finance a Wheelchair Van

Next to purchasing a home a vehicle is one of the largest purchases a person may make in their lifetime. And, for most people, they will go through the vehicle purchasing process at least a few different times. When it comes to purchasing these vehicles, buyers often require some form of funding to complete the purchase.

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We want to ensure that you understand all the options that are available that make getting from point A to point B just a little easier. And, who knows, maybe learning more will spark a few questions you never knew you had!