Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vans do you convert?

We convert FCA Chrysler and Dodge minivans, Chevy, GMC, and Ford full-sized vans, the Dodge Ram Promaster, Ford Transit, and also offer a wide variety of used vans.

Where can I see a Rollx Vans wheelchair accessible van?

You will be able to experience the quality of our wheelchair vans right from the comfort of your own home with our wheelchair van home demos. A van will be brought to you by one of our dedicated Rollx Vans personnel, who will be happy to answer any questions you have about the vehicle. If your prefer, we also offer a virtual video demonstration where you can interact with our sales professional through a live video meeting. Schedule your no obligation personal home or video demonstration here or speak with one of our sales professionals.

Do you take trade-ins? How do I get a trade-in value?

We do take wheelchair accessible vans or non converted vehicle trade-ins and will give you a value over the phone.

Will I scrape the bottom of my lowered van?

Not likely. A Rollx Vans wheelchair accessible van provides ground clearance comparable to today’s passenger vehicles.

Do you have financing?

Yes, we offer a variety of competitive financing alternatives.

Are there any additional funding sources available in my area?

Funds may be available through your State and County department of Human Services. Check with your local offices for eligibility. Also, the MS, MD, and ALS societies may assist in the purchase of adaptive equipment. If you are a veteran, contact your VA office. Veterans with disabilities may qualify for assistance. View our list of funding sources by state.

Do you have Rollx Vans customers in my area who I can speak with?

Yes. Contact us for references in your area.

Who does the service on my wheelchair accessible van if it needs repairs?

We have Nationwide Service by our factory trained Rollx Vans technicians and at-home service is available in most parts of the country. We also work with over 360 service partners nationwide. No matter where you are, if your van stops working, we are there to help!

Will you convert my van?

Yes. We can arrange shipping from your home to our manufacturing facility and back.

How many people can ride in a wheelchair accessible van after it is converted?

Most wheelchair accessible vans will accommodate 6 people – 4-5 ambulatory and 1-2 wheelchair users.

Will a full/mini fit in my garage?

All minivans and some full-sized vans will fit into a standard 7 foot high garage opening. Please check with our sales professionals to make sure the van you are considering will work for you and your parking situation. 

My chair and I weigh 600 pounds. Will this work?

Most lifts and ramps will accommodate 600 pounds and more. Other options are available to accommodate additional weight.

I am service connected. Do you work with the VA?

Yes. We will work directly with your VA and handle all VA paperwork. For more information go to our Veteran Mobility Solutions page or speak with one of our sales professionals.

I am a non-service connected veteran. Can you work with the VA?

Yes, we have a VA FSS Contract and can help you throughout the whole process. For more information go to our Veteran Mobility Solutions page or speak with one of our Rollx Vans sales professionals.

How do I get my wheelchair accessible van?

We offer free delivery nationwide—from our plant to your home.

I saw an advertisement with an incentive offered by the automaker; can I get that on a van through Rollx Vans?

Most of the automobile manufactures offer mobility assistance on their new modified vehicles. Typically they will cover up to $1,000 towards the cost of the accessible modifications. This comes directly from the vehicle manufacturer and Rollx Vans will have the details on the different options.

I have tried some other wheelchair accessible vans and need more headroom. Do you have options for additional headroom?

Yes. Typically our standard lowered floor conversions offer more headroom that other companies do on their standard conversions. We also offer extended lowered floors along with raised roofs and raised door openings.