Funding For Your Rollx Wheelchair Van!

Fundraising campaigns change lives for those who need financial assistance and unite communities. Help Hope Live supports community-based fundraising for people with unmet medical expenses and related costs due to catastrophic injuries and illnesses.

For 37 years, Help Hope Live has been showing clients and families how to bring together a network of relatives, friends, and neighbors in fundraising efforts to help cover the costs of uncovered medical expenses. These efforts play a critical role in helping our clients recover and maintain their health and independence.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Rollx Vans will contribute $1,000 toward your new Rollx conversion purchase when you use your campaign from Help Hope Live!

Unlock this powerful tool for raising money for medical expenses.

At Rollx Vans, we understand that funding can be a barrier to mobility independence. That’s why we partnered with Help Hope Live, a nonprofit organization, to connect our community with a fundraising option to purchase the wheelchair accessible vehicle they need.

Get connected with the Help Hope Live team! They guide clients and their Team Members through the application process, assist with their fundraising efforts, and provide ongoing support to clients and families as they face a daunting challenge in their lives.

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Over 40 years & thousands of satisfied customers.

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Salem, MA

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Monticello, IA

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