Add Driving Controls, Seating and Other Options To ANY Vehicle on our Inventory

At Rollx Vans, we like options. So, we provide our customers with the largest number of minivan and full-sized van wheelchair van customization options in the industry. This includes everything from multiple ramp and lift types to various driving controls and even a six way power transfer seats for handicap conversions. But, the options don’t stop there. These are just a few of the possibilities we offer for each of the unique customers that we work with.

At Rollx Vans, you’re working directly with the manufacturer specializing in van customization and not through a third party dealer. Because of this, each and every one of our customers and their families get a wheelchair vehicle that is customized to their specific needs – and only their needs – no extras, no conversion options they don’t need in a van for wheelchair conversion. That’s our Rollx Vans guarantee. And, when it comes to a handicap conversions’ options, we have it all.

Don’t believe us? Here’s just a few of the options we have available to our customers.

The Rollx Vans 6-Way Power Seat

Hands down the best seat there is for van customization. Why? Style, safety and convenience. Designed for use in either the driver or passenger seat position, with our exclusive trackless design users will have 20 inches of slide travel. When the seat is in the handicap conversions’ forward position, the tracks disappear—giving wheelchair users all the room they need to maneuver their wheelchair or scooter. Plus, the seat rotates a full 180 degrees for easier transfers when transferring from a wheelchair is an option a customer wants within their van for wheelchair users.
• 9 inches of height adjustment and 20 inches of travel
• Compact design
• No slide tracks on floor area
• Available for full-size vans or minivans
• Available for driver or passenger
• Traveling footrest
• Easy access switch controls
• 180° swivel


Wheelchair Minivan Ramps

The Rollx Vans minivan wheelchair van customization options offer you your choice of three types of ramps—the standard manual folding ramp, a power folding ramp and our premium in-floor ramp. Both folding ramps and in-floor ramps are designed with dependability and reliability in mind. In fact, both ramps are aluminum and have a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds.

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Folding Ramp

A folding ramp, power or manual, is secured to the floor of the van for wheelchair use and folds in and out of the van for use. A folding ramp will always block the passenger side sliding door when in its vertical, folded position. Some wheelchair users find this handicap conversions option to be cumbersome while maneuvering a wheelchair into the front passenger seat position. This ramp style is the less expensive option, and for this reason some manufactures will push this option by also saying it’s easier to deploy if there is a ramp malfunction or battery failure. This is not true. The Rollx Vans in-floor ramp is considered to be the most reliable and in fact many times more reliable than any folding ramp in the industry.

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In-floor Ramp

The in-floor ramp is our more popular option and makes up over 95% of what we manufacturer. The Rollx Vans in-floor ramp was introduced in 1994, and we continue to use the original design today. Our in-floor ramp is totally enclosed away from the elements in a stainless steel unibody frame giving increased interior headroom and additional ground clearance. It is completely out of sight when stored, leaving the factory vehicle interior unobstructed and does not bring debris into the vehicle. It is a much safer design because it is not inside the passenger compartment and would not become an immovable obstacle in an emergency situation. For added safety, this ramp style has a redundant power and manual back-up in the event of a mechanical or total electrical failure and is controlled by a single button remote control or lighted interior controls.

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Rollx Vans Van Kneeling System

The Rollx Vans kneeling system goes hand-in-hand with our minivan ramps. The kneeling system an automatic function that is designed to work in sequence with the power door and power folding or in-floor ramp. It lowers the passenger side of the vehicle several inches to reduce the angle of the ramp. This makes getting up and down the ramp easier and safer for both manual and power wheelchair users. The kneeling function can be turned off if needed. For example, when a wheelchair user exits the van next to a curb the lowering of the vehicle may not be necessary.

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Full-size Van Lifts

Looking for a full-size van for wheelchair option? We have a lift that can help you with that. At Rollx Vans we offer multiple van customization lift options for our handicap conversions. Each of these options is based on the different needs for each individual wheelchair and occupant. Some of these options allow passengers to pass through the side door without unfolding the lift. The Fiorella single post list swings out of the door and folds in half horizontally for visibility through the side door windows. Our dual post lift has a weight load capacity of 600 to 800 pounds.

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All Driving Controls Available

At Rollx Vans, we offer a wide selection of steering wheel devices, hand controls, zero-effort steering, brakes, and touch-pads are available for cockpit convenience. But, why would wheelchair users add these features to their van customization? The answer is simple: independence. Our Rollx Vans hand controls allow wheelchair users to operate the brakes and gas controls of the van for wheelchair which are normally controlled by foot. The zero or reduced effort steering and brakes considerably reduce the effort required to turn the steering wheel or apply the brakes. Touch-pads for secondary controls like the shifter, wipers, lights, turn signals and even power windows allow for ease of use with each of our handicap conversions.

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Wheelchair Securement Devices

Wheelchair securement devices are a necessity for anyone opting to stay in their wheelchair within the cabin of a vehicle. Our conversion options include both manual and power tie-downs. Manual and retractable securements are only available for rear or passenger areas, but power tie-downs can be used anywhere within the vehicle’s interior. With the use of a power tie-down, the wheelchair can be automatically secured in the driver or passengers’ position—just drive the wheelchair in, lock down, and go. The video below explores some of these options.

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Lowered Floors

One question we get asked a lot is, “Does my wheelchair van really need a lowered floor?” Most adult wheelchair users will sit between 52 and 56 inches in their manual or power operated wheelchairs. When we refer to a minivan, typically the floor would be lowered around 12 inches to achieve 58 inches of interior cabin height. This will accommodate the majority of wheelchair users and gives adequate door clearance, interior headroom and visibility through the windows. Some companies push 14 inch or more floor drops which in the majority of cases is excessive and adversely affects the handling of the vehicle. If additional door clearance or interior headroom is necessary, the 14 inch drop floor may be the only solution. Another option for additional door clearance only is the “eyebrow.” This increases the door clearance without having to go with the extended14 inch floor drop.

Full size vans like the GMC Savana, Chevy Express and the Ford E Series vehicles typically require a 6 inch lowered floor to achieve 58 inches of interior headroom. The Ram Promaster and Ford Transit Van come from the OEM manufacture with enough door and interior head clearance that in most cases would not require a lower floor. These two manufactures offer different interior heights by offering different height roofs. Even though raising the roof increased interior head room, it does not increase visibility to allow someone sitting in a wheelchair to see through the windows.

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Remote Controls

Remote controls are available to make your van customization even more convenient. Remote keyless entry enables you to operate the power doors, kneeling system and the power ramp or lift on your Rollx Vans minivan or full-sized wheelchair van from a distance. With the click of one button, wheelchair users can take control of their ride. Plus unlike other manufacturers, our exclusive Rollx Vans remote design separates the control for the vehicle’s conversion electronics from the vehicle’s key fob. This allows for easier vehicle servicing, especially if it’s being carried out by the dealer.

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Your Ride. Your Way.

At Rollx Vans we pride ourselves on offering more van customization options than any other dealer or manufacturer in our industry. This allows each and every one of our customers to get the exact van for wheelchair use they are looking for, without carting around extra conversion features they don’t need or want to use. Want to learn more about our handicap conversions and get on your way to an independent future? Contact our team today to get started.