Rollx Vans BBB Business Review



Quality Workmanship from Top to Bottom

We don’t just sell wheelchair vans.  We assemble them ourselves right here at our headquarters.  Every Rollx Van passes a strict set of engineering checkpoints to ensure maximum quality.

The engineering of a Rollx Van involves a lot more than simply attaching a ramp to an existing vehicle.  Our conversion process is extensive, requiring our certified engineers to disassemble each van and rebuild build a large portion of it’s undercarriage.  The end result is a van that’s redesigned from the ground up to accommodate people who use wheelchairs and scooters.

Check out these engineering points of excellence.

1. Electronic kneeling suspension gives factory ride with complete reliability.

2. 2:2 Frame with a reinforced shell around the gas tank for the safest vehicle on the road.

3. Custom-styled ground effects with stone guard protection helps guard against paint chips from road debris.

4. Lowered floor provides up to 57″ of entry height and up to 61″ of interior headroom.

5. Factory carpeting, finely detailed interior and exterior finishing for the style you desire.

6. Interchangeable quick-release seat design allows driver and passenger seats to be removed easily.

7. OEM Power side door opener with power and manual ramp override.

8. Factory style “feather touch” switches for easy operation.

9. One touch controller of door, kneel, and ramp system for easy operation.

10. Stainless steel door tracks, exhaust, and floor pan for the longest lasting conversion available.

11. One Touch Control Computer with industry leading on-board service diagnostic system.

About Our Used Van Engineering

Our used vans also undergo a rigorous inspection before they are sold.  This includes replacing any part that doesn’t mean our standards.  In addition, every used van receives brand new carpet.

Whether you’re buying a new or used van from us, you can rest assured that it has been engineered to the highest standard of safety and usability.