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Rollx Vans Wheelchair Accessible Van Conversions

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Getting the Job Done Right

At Rollx Vans, we do not just sell wheelchair accessible vans. We build them from the ground up. All of our new and used wheelchair van conversions are done in house at our very own headquarters.

The wheelchair van conversions are done in accordance with strict safety standards that get checked and double checked along the way. Our team of engineers and mechanics are master craftsman, making sure that a van from Rollx Vans is the very best quality wheelchair van possible.

To help assure our customers the below lists are a breakdown of our handicap van conversions for both minivans and full-size vans.

Minivan Features

The main components for wheelchair accessible van conversions on our minivans are all the same. But, each customer can fully customize which conversion features they would like for their van. These features include hand controls, transfer seats, and ramp style (either in-floor or fold down).

  • •  11” lowered floor from rear axle to front firewall – offering up to 59″ of interior headroom.
  • •  One touch controller of door, kneel, and ramp system for easy operation.
  • •  Factory style “feather touch” switches for easy operation.
  • •  OEM Power side door opener with power and manual ramp override.
  • •  One Touch Control Computer with industry-leading, on-board service diagnostic system.
  • •  Electronic kneeling suspension gives factory ride with complete reliability.
  • •  2:2 Frame with a reinforced shell around the gas tank for the safest conversion on the road.
  • •  Stainless steel door tracks, exhaust, and floor pan for the longest-lasting conversion available.
  • •  Gas/brake lines routed along the frame to ensure complete protection of these lines.
  • •  Factory carpeting, finely detailed interior and exterior finishing for the style you desire.
  • •  Custom-styled ground effects with stone guard protection guard against paint chips from road debris.
  • •  Factory PPG paint process.

Full Size Van Conversions

Rollx Vans offers two options for handicap van conversions in full-sized vans: a lowered floor or a raised roof. We lower the floor to maintain the factory roof line and body profile while still providing ample headroom and space for interior maneuvering.

For the raised roof option, the factory floor stays at the manufactured height and the roof is raised to allow for substantial headroom and interior space. This option also includes a built-in DVD/TV screen and wireless headphones.

Full Size Van Features

  • •  6” lowered floor – full cut
  • •  Full automatic lift and power remote
  • •  Power side door opener with built-in manual release and power remote
  • •  Interior and exterior switches for power door and lift operation
  • •  Manual tiedowns
  • •  Driver and passenger quick release seats
  • •  Factory gas tank
  • •  Dual Battery is standard on all new lowered floor conversion

Whichever option you choose for your next wheelchair accessible vehicle, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your van was custom built just for you!