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Service Documents and Owners Manuals

At Rollx Vans, we want to keep our customers as informed as possible by providing them with any tools they may need for their modified van. That is why we provide all documents up front, and give our customers the manufacturer manual, conversion specific manual, and any service manuals they may need, just in case.

However, we understand that sometimes these documents can get lost in the shuffle. And, we know you sometimes need these documents at the last minute and can’t seem to locate them right when you need them. That is why we offer an additional resource for you to get the information you need right away. Below are the download links for service manuals and owners manuals for all the vans that we convert.

Please note: our service documents are large files and could take several minutes to download. Our service documents are also password protected so, please contact the Service Department at Rollx Vans for the correct password.

-2011-2016 Chrysler Minivan Service Manual (13315-006). Download >

-2008-2010 Chrysler Minivan Service Manual (08028-13). Download >

-2005-2007 Chrysler Minivan Service Manual (07274-010). Download >

-2011-2016 Honda Minivan Service Manual (12248-004). Download >

-2005-2010 Honda Minivan Service Manual (08316-014). Download >

Owners Manual – Rollx Vans 2008-2013 Chrysler v4-4. Download >

Owners Manual – Rollx Vans Chrysler 2007 v3. Download >

Owners Manual – Rollx Vans Honda v1-8. Download >

Owners Manual – Rollx Vans Power Door V1-4 Download >

Rollx Vans 7000 to 7001-08 Transfer Seat Service and Installation Manual (10314-004) Download >


Don’t see the service document that you need? Need additional information or assistance downloading the large file size? Have a question about something listed within one of the service documents or manuals? Don’t see the answer to your questions within the manual? Need to make a service appointment?

Make sure you contact our service department directly so our service department representatives can assist you as soon as possible and get you back on the road.

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