Nationwide Mobility Van Dealer

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What is a mobility van dealer?

A Mobility Van Dealer specializes in selling, servicing, and customizing vans designed for individuals with mobility challenges, making transportation more accessible and comfortable for them.

How do mobility vans differ from regular vans?

Mobility vans are specifically modified to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids. They often come equipped with ramps, lifts, reinforced floors, secured wheelchair tie-downs, and sometimes, hand controls for driving.

Why should I choose a specialized mobility van dealer instead of a regular car dealership?

A specialized Mobility Van Dealer has the expertise in addressing specific needs related to mobility challenges. They understand the nuances of different modifications and can recommend solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Are there financing options available for mobility vans?

Yes, many Mobility Van Dealers offer specialized financing options tailored for the purchase of mobility vans. Some dealerships even work in tandem with organizations that provide financial assistance to individuals with disabilities.

How often should I service my mobility van?

While it's best to follow the manufacturer's guidelines, due to the specialized equipment, it's a good practice to have your mobility van checked at least once a year at a recognized Mobility Van Dealer to ensure all modifications are functioning optimally.

Is it possible to modify my existing van to be wheelchair accessible?

Yes, many Mobility Van Dealers offer conversion services where they can modify an existing van to meet mobility needs. However, it's essential to discuss the specific model and age of your vehicle with the dealer to determine feasibility.

Can I trade in my old mobility van for a new one?

Many Mobility Van Dealers accept trade-ins and will offer a discount on a new purchase based on the value of the traded vehicle.