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New or Used, Our Vans Are as Good as Vans Get

Our vans may say Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford on them, but they’re quite different from the ones you’ll find at the dealer.  Crafting a wheelchair accessible van isn’t as simple as bolting on a lift or installing a couple of hand controls.

Before we add any ramps or lifts, we disassemble our vans down to the frame.  The additional parts and equipment are hardwired into the very foundation of the vans we offer.  So when we say we have handicap vans for sale, we mean it.

These aren’t simply vans that happen to offer wheelchair access.  They’re vans reconstructed for the sole purpose of wheelchair accessible transportation.  It’s in their very purpose and nature.  And that’s why Rollx Vans are the best handicap vans for sale.

All of our vans pass quality inspections, state regulations, safety codes, crash tests, and more.  Simply put, they’re built to last.  But no vehicle lasts forever.  So when the day comes where you’re ready for a new accessible van, we’ll gladly let you trade in your used van.

You might say used wheelchair vans are a speciality of ours.

Meeting a Need

When someone is looking for a car, buying a used one is a great way for them to save some money.

But wheelchair vans are a little different.  Due to the complexity of the engineering and the additional safety requirements, wheelchair vans need a little more love once they’ve been used.  Because of this, used wheelchair vans were quite scarce for a long time.

That’s why Rollx Vans was one of the first companies to start offering fully reconditioned, used handicap vans for sale.

Our used vehicles are a little different from the standard used vehicle.  When we take in a used wheelchair van, we go over every piece of equipment to make sure everything is up to code.  If it’s not, we replace it with brand new equipment.  Everything is tested, from the ramps to the lifts to the controls, and more.  Safety is no less important on a used vehicle.  You could almost argue that it’s more important.

As an added bonus, we also install all new carpeting into every one of our used vehicles in addition to replacing or repainting damaged ground effects.

A used Rollx Van might not seem as flashy as a brand new one, but rest assured, it will operate almost as smoothly as one (and it will have a bit of that new car smell).

Transportation Equality

Our standards are unmatched.  Our quality is uncontested.

We realize that not everyone has the same budget, but everyone needs transportation.  It’s the reason why we offer both new and used handicap vans for sale. Still, you might      need a little extra help.   That’s why we offer a variety of flexible financing options to fit your budget.

If you have any questions about your available options, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our staff would love to help.

A Rollx Van, new or used, is guaranteed to be a great vehicle.