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Wheelchair Accessible Full-Size Van Dimensions


gmc back with lift down

Our Most Spacious Wheelchair Van Options

Full-size wheelchair vans provide the space you’ve always dreamed of, leaving owners with more than enough room to move around.

Whether you’re in the front or the back, you can ride comfortably.  The side lift ramp provides effortless entry for wheelchair users.

Since both the Chevy Express and GMC Savana are built on the same frame, their wheelchair accessible full size van dimensions are similar:

Description Distance
1 Door Opening Height at Door (6″ Drop/Raised Door Opening) 55.5″ / 56″
2 Inside Opening Height at Center (6″ Drop/Raised Roof Option) 58″ / 63″
3 Door Opening Width 41″
4  Maximum Interior Width at Floor  62.5″
5 Interior Length at Floor 100.5″
6 Wheelbase 135″
7 Overall Height (6″ Drop) 85.5″
8 Overall Length 214.10″

Other Features

From safety to style, our full-size wheelchair vans have loads of additional features (some optional). Our vans are equipped with multiple safety features such as disc brake wear sensors, rearview cameras, anti-lock brakes, etc.

Advantages of Going Big

There are a number of advantages to choosing a full-size van.  First of all, there is the extra space and headroom.  If you would like a little bigger area to move around in, a full-size wheelchair van just might be the option for you.

In addition to the added space, you can expect a smooth, sturdy ride.  Thanks to the added weight, your van will glide across the road.  Our new GMC and Chevy vans all give you superior control, even in less than ideal conditions.

Our full-size vans also come with wheelchair lifts, which is an option many wheelchair users enjoy.  Simply roll onto the platform and it will lift you up into the van.  Lifts come with either a single or double post lift.  Double post lifts have the highest load bearing abilities in the industry.

Full size vans also offer more available seating options, allowing wheelchair users to sit up front or in the back.  In fact, a full-size wheelchair van can seat multiple wheelchair users, providing maximum versatility.

Lastly, full-size wheelchair vans are incredibly safe and reliable.  Like all of our vehicles, our full-size vans have a perfect crash test rating.  And just like our other wheelchair vans, our full-size vans come with a power remote so that you can automatically lower and raise your ramp with the touch of a button.

If you’re looking for a little extra leg and headroom, a full-size van is the way to go.