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Conversion Options for Wheelchair Accessible Full Size Vans


Endless Possibilities

At Rollx Vans, we have the largest selection of new and used wheelchair accessible full-size vans available and ready for customization. Our handicap full-size vans are a popular option for our customers that need a little more space and a few more features than what a minivan could offer. Extra seating, additional headroom, and a higher capacity lift are just a few of the additional features you’ll get in one of our full-size accessible vans.

With new models like the GMC Savana/Chevy Express and the Ford Transit, and previously owned models like the Ford E-Series, there’s a full-size van option for everyone.

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Our Full-Size Accessible Van Models

GMC accessible van

GMC Savana/Chevy Express

Built on the same frame and even available with four wheel (new & used) or in all-wheel (used-only) drive, the GMC Savana and Chevy Express are great full-size options available to our customers.

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ford transit accessible van

Ford Transit

Brand new to the Rollx Vans lineup in 2016, the Ford Transit comes available in three sizes, providing our customers with even more flexibility for customizing their vans than ever before.

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ram promaster

Ram Promaster

The 2016 Ram Promaster is another great addition to our ever-growing full-size wheelchair van fleet. When it comes to handicap accessible vehicles, the Ram Promaster will not disappoint those who are looking for comfort, safety and plenty of space.

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full-size accessible van

Ford E-Series

While the Ford E-Series is no longer in production, our team at Rollx Vans reconditions previously owned E-Series vans, so our customers can take advantage of this full-size model.

Your Full-Size Accessible Ride. Done Your Way.

At Rollx Vans, all of our wheelchair accessible full size vans are completely customizable to your specific needs. Here are just a few of the options available to you.

Transfer seats

The Rollx Vans trackless six-way transfer seat turns 180-degrees and can be installed in either the driver or passenger seat, making transferring easier and less strenuous than ever before. You can learn more about the transfer seats here.


With multiple securement options options available (power tie-downs, manual tie-downs and retractable tie-downs), our customers can choose the securement method that fits their needs the best. Learn more about the securement options in our guide here.

Extra Seating

A popular option for families, especially if there is more than one wheelchair within a family, full-size van models provide extra seating arrangement options and space for chairs to be able to turn and position.

Raising the Roof

Full-size vans are the only models that can be converted with a raised roof. This allows for an additional six or more inches of headroom, and works incredibly well for individuals taller than 55 inches in their chair. Get more information about the dimensions of our full-size vans here.

Higher Capacity Lifts

Multiple wheelchair lifts options are available for handicap full-size vans. Rollx Vans provides customers with the highest weight capacity lifts available in the industry.

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trackless transfer seat
full-size van lift
accessible van securement

Purchasing from Rollx Vans

At Rollx Vans, we’re your one-stop solution for full-size accessible vans for sale. We accept trade-ins, offer several financing plans, and work directly with state, county and Veterans agencies to help you get your next new or used conversion van.

Want to learn more about our full-size van conversion options?

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