Wheelchair Accessible Vans

wheelchair accesible vans Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Paving the Way for Endless Possibilities

Before you even enter one of our wheelchair accessible vans, you’ll notice the Rollx Vans difference.  For our minivans, all it takes is a push of a button, the vehicle lowers as the door automatically slides open, revealing a ramp tucked away in the floor.

With the conversion process our minivans go through, the bottom of every van is lowered, providing superior head room, leaving you with a van that simply feels bigger.

For full-size vans, you’ll find a lift on the side door that will raise a passenger with a wheelchair directly into the van.  Full-Size vans can either have the floor lowered or the ceiling raised, providing an even more spacious atmosphere than our minivans.

Taking Control

Our wheelchair accessible vans can be configured to put you in the driver’s seat with little effort.  With our 6-way power seats, the driver or passenger’s seat can swivel an entire 180 degrees, providing easy access from a wheelchair or scooter to a front row seat.

The steering column can also be configured with hand controls, zero-effort steering, touch-pads, and more.  With the right equipment, an entire van can be driven and maneuvered with the simplest of hand movements.

Enjoy the Ride

For rear wheelchair seating, we offer a variety of tie-down securements to make sure you stay safe and still during a drive.  For more information on what securements we offer, click here to watch a video.

Customized for Your Convenience

Whatever wheelchair van you need, Rollx Vans will craft it for you.  Our skilled engineers know full-size and minivans from the inside out.  Our conversion process is second to none.  Our safety standards exceed national mandate.

Simply put, our wheelchair accessible vans are the most accessible vehicles you can find on the road.  Call us today or click the link below to see our inventory of new and used vehicles.

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