5 Great Ways to Raise Awareness

We’ve talked quite a bit about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge lately.  Truth is, it’s one of the most effective examples of raising awareness for a cause in the digital age.  We hope that it doesn’t just stop at raising funds for ALS but inspires others to raise awareness for their own causes as well.

Many people, when they’re affected by a condition, disease, or injury look for a way to help others who have been affected by the same thing.  The majority of our customers need wheelchair van conversions because something has happened to them that has hindered their mobility.

In the case of many disability causing conditions (such as ALS) there is no cure.  Even treatments to slow down progression range from limited to non-existent.  Setting up events, challenges, fundraises, etc. are a great way to raise money for research so that we can better understand what causes diseases like ALS.

Also, by raising awareness, you help inform the general public that these things exist and are having a serious impact on people’s lives.  There are conditions much less known than ALS that people don’t know about until they or someone they know develop it.

When this happens, you may want to help people better understand.  You help want to do something to help others with this condition.  Due to the increase in expenses and medical bills that come with it, you may also find yourself or loved one in need of financial awareness.

Whatever the reason, starting a campaign or hosting an event is a great way to build awareness, raise some money, and even have some fun while you’re doing it.  So we put together a simple list of ideas for you.

But First…..

Make sure to educate yourself on the cause/condition you’re campaigning for.  Learn as much as you can, from medical research to the politics surrounding it.  Find statistics and averages.  Read stories of people who lived with it.

Essentially, become an ‘expert’ on it.  This will help people trust you and join in to help.  Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to begin.

Great Ways to Raise Awareness

1. Start a blog

Not everyone is a writer, but if you are, this is a great way to start sharing your story, simple information, and allow people to track progress of your/your loved one’s journey.  Similarly, you can also start a video blog.  Whatever best fits you.

2. Join an Event

Many conditions and diseases have national organizations that represent them and hold events throughout the country.  From marathons to 5ks to walk-a-thons and more, these events provide a perfect opportunity for you and friends to get together and support your cause.

3. Garage Sale

Most of us have stuff lying around that we don’t need.  A garage sale is a great way to draw people in from all over your town and a raise a little money.  You can get creative and have different informational pieces spread throughout the sale to educate visitors.

You could even hand out flyers or pamphlets to everyone who comes that they can take home with them.

4. Host a Tournament

Whether its bag-toss, pool, poker, or even a video game like Mario Kart, you set up a simple game tournament to tap into people’s competitive side.  The setup is simple:  participants or teams must pay an entry fee to play.  All proceeds go to your cause.

For the winner of the tournament, you can create a humorous trophy that they can take home with them.  You can invite others to watch and provide the option for them to donate as well.

5. Create Your Own Chain Event

Part of the reason the Ice Bucket Challenge worked so well is because it created a chain event that could spread anywhere.  It wasn’t a singular event held in a singular spot, but a reoccurring action that went global.

Though you might not have a lot of success if you hold an ice bucket challenge for a different cause, you can work off that basic concept and develop your own challenge or action that could spread in a similar fashion.

The List Doesn’t Stop Here

There are countless ways you can bring attention to your cause.  You could hold a dance-a-thon, a raffle, or a public demonstration.  You could get political and start campaigning for or against different bills/amendments/funding.

If you’re passionate, genuine, and driven, you can accomplish great things.

Do you have any other suggestions for how to raise awareness?  Share below!

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