A Look Back on the Life of Christopher Reeve

Last week Tuesday would have been Christopher Reeves’ 60th birthday.  It’s been almost 10 years exactly since he passed on, yet his legacy continues.

In honor of the man Christopher was and ideals he represented, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the impact he had in the world.

A Real Life Superhero

Christopher Reeve will always be remembered for his breakthrough success as Superman.  Prior to his international fame, Reeve had studied acting alongside Robin Williams at the prestigious Julliard.  It was the skills and connections made there that would ultimately catapult him to becoming an American icon.

It could be argued even to this day that no one is more fondly remembered in the role of Superman/Clark Kent than Reeve.  He made the world believe that a seemingly ordinary man could fly.

A Tragic Accident

Though he never found another role quite as notable as Superman, Christopher Reeve continued a steady career as a stage actor while still consistently appearing in film.  He is also known for having turned down lead roles in quite a few prominent films such as Lethal Weapon and Romancing the Stone.

Regardless, he remained quite busy in the acting world until an accident changed the entire course of his life.

Reeve had taken up horseback riding during the 80’s.  On May 27, 1995, he was preparing for an equestrian competition when his horse made a refusal, stopping right as it was about to jump over a hurdle.  Reeve was thrown from the horse to the ground, landing on his head, crushing his first and second vertebrae.

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors had to remove liquid was filling his lungs by suctioning it through his throat.  Then they had to reattach his skull to his spine, a procedure that had a 50{4484a610ba12ad46baec767347073917e486819a83b2d744ced0feda89144e79} chance of killing him.

Enduring unbearable pain, Reeve asked his wife Dana if they should simply let him pass on.  Though Dana was willing to accept whatever he thought was best, she told him that she still loved him and she would be with him to the end, no matter what condition he was in.

From that moment forth, Christopher Reeve decided he wanted to keep on living.

Making People Believe Again

Prior to the incident, Reeve had always shown compassion for disabilities and was known as an advocate for people’s rights.  In fact, many had urged him to run for congress.  It wasn’t until he lost mobility from the neck down that he truly set out to change the world.

For the remainder of his life, Reeve strove to bring awareness to conditions, illnesses, and medical studies that had previously been neglected.  Though some of methods he supported were controversial, most everyone respected Reeve for what he sought to accomplish:

Eliminating the disadvantages people with disabilities face on a daily basis.

Once, he had made audiences believe a man could fly.  Now he was showing the world that a person could rise above life’s challenges.  He knew he probably wouldn’t see the advancements, treatments, and potential cures he was fighting for.

But the next generation might.

And now, 10 years after the passing of its founder, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation continues to bring awareness and raise support in the world of paralysis and spinal injury.  They fully believe they are on the verge of major scientific breakthroughs.

And Rollx Vans is proud to be a partner with such a great organization.  Please take a moment to visit the Foundation’s website to learn more about Christopher, his wife Dana, and all their organization is doing for people with injuries and disabilities.

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