Are Wheelchair Vehicles Expensive?

How expensive is a wheelchair van

Cars can be expensive.

It’s a simple fact. But, it is not just the initial vehicle price that makes it expensive. Beyond that there is the cost of transferring the title, renewing the registration, insuring it, keeping up with maintenance, and of course, constantly having to fill it up with gas. The moment you buy a car all the way to the time you stop driving it, that piece of machinery will regularly require a monetary investment.

But in return, you get something amazing. You get freedom.

The freedom to drive where you need to go. To live your life to the fullest. And that is something many people find to be well worth the price.

The same is true for wheelchair vehicles. Though they come with their share of expenses, what they provide in return is unparalleled.

How Expensive is a Wheelchair Van?

The word expensive is a bit of a relative term. It means something different to everyone and no two people will likely agree on its definition. But, yes, the cost of a wheelchair van is more than a standard factory van. That is because there is a lot more to a wheelchair van.

It starts with the same van that would be sold on any car lot around the country. From there, much of the van is disassembled and new parts are added while stock parts are modified. Once the changes are made, the van is put back together, repainted wherever it is needed, and given a very thorough inspection.

As you can see, there is both extra labor and extra materials put into wheelchair vehicles. Naturally that means it costs a little more. But it is also a much more capable van that is just as safe and secure (if not more so than it originally was).

Can I Save Money?

We understand that not everyone wants a brand new van. Some people might not even want a new van if they could afford it. That is why Rollx Vans was one of the first companies to start selling and reconditioning used vans.

Today we have one of the largest selections of used wheelchair vans available in our industry.

All in all, we offer a great variety of options, features, and makes of both new and used vans. That way we make sure our customers get what they want.

That way, we make sure their money is very well spent.

Is there assistance available?

Just like we understand that a new or used wheelchair vehicle is a large investment, there are organizations out there that understand it, as well. These organizations provide additional assistance for wheelchair users who qualify to buy a van.

A few of these organizations include the VA, state and county organizations, and also disability related organizations like the ALS Foundation, MS Society, and the MDA. To find out if you qualify for assistance towards your vehicle purchase from one of these organizations, you can either reach out to them directly or ask Rollx Vans to reach out to them on your behalf.

We know buying a new vehicle, especially one that’s a wheelchair vehicle can be expensive. But, that’s why we do everything we can to assist our customers by providing quality vehicles and helping them to find additional assistance.

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