Check Out the 2013 National Veterans Wheelchair Games

This past Saturday, the 2013 National Veterans Wheelchair Games kicked off in Tampa Bay, Florida.  For the past 33 years, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games has provided a great opportunity for veterans to compete in a number of activities.

As a proud sponsor of the Wheelchairs Games, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the great things happening down in Florida right now.

What Are the National Veterans Wheelchair Games?

Started in 1981, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games are held every year across the country.  Veterans in wheelchairs come from all over to show the world what they have.  The games are sponsored by Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Here are the sports that veterans compete in:


Air Guns






Field Events

Motor Rally

Power Soccer

Quad Rugby




Table Tennis




To be eligible for the games, a person must be a U.S. military service veteran who uses a wheelchair due to spinal cord injuries, certain neurological conditions, amputation, or other mobility impairments.  All in all, over 500 novice and professional athletes compete every year.

In addition to that, over 3000 people volunteer to help make the games a realty.  In fact, they are always looking for more volunteers.  While it might be too late for this year, you might want to consider getting involved in next years games.  It’s a great opportunity to help a good cause and watch some great sports competitions.

Want to Know More?

The Veterans Wheelchair Games are going on through the 18th.  See stay current with the events or read about the stories when it’s over, head over to the official website here.

You can also follow the games on Twitter at “pva1946” or #NVWG.

About Paralyzed Veterans of America

PVA is an organization is a US service organization dedicated to helping veterans  who have experienced spinal cord injury or other physical dysfunctions.  Rollx Vans is proud to be a partner with an organization that does so many great things for those who have served this country.

(*Photo courtesy of PVA)

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