Chicago Residents: Do You Know About KEEN?

New disability organizations are always surfacing.

While it is definitely encouraging that more and more new organizations that assist people with disabilities are surfacing each and every day, sometimes it can be difficult to make yourself aware of each of the different groups in your area.

And, finding one that matches exactly what you’re looking for from a group can often be a chore in itself.

At Rollx Vans, the leading Chicago handicap vans manufacturer, we strive to make our customer’s lives easier. Which is why we are often blogging about great organizations that provide assistance in various locations around the United States.

Today, we are bringing to light a great organization in the Chicago area known as KEEN.

KEEN, Chicago

This nonprofit organization, Kids Enjoy Exercise Now, also known as KEEN was founded in England in 1988, but didn’t come to the United States until 1992. The Chicago area program, specifically, was established in 2005.

KEEN strives to create recreational opportunities for children and young adults with either developmental or physical disabilities at no cost. This includes both sports and aquatics recreational opportunities.

The organization is volunteer-led and the programs succeed from a simple principle. Each athlete looking to participate in one of the programs is paired with a trained volunteer and they work together on a regular basis to meet goals.

Learn More About KEEN

If you are a Chicago area resident and want to learn more about KEEN’s programs, visit their website at

If you are not in the Chicago area and want to know where the closest KEEN program is to you, visit

What are your thoughts about programs like this? Do you attend a similar program in your area? Let us know in the comments below, so we can keep spreading word about the amazing programs that benefit people with disabilities and their families!

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