Children with Motor Impairments Can Now Experience What it’s Like to Walk

We’ve all likely seen those kid harnesses that look like leashes, and are solely used so parents won’t lose track of their children. Some people love them, and well, others just hate them.

There’s a new harness on the market for children, that’s impossible to hate.

This new harness let’s small children with motor impairments experience walking, and even kicking around a ball with their friends.

What could this product be? It’s called Upsee.

How Upsee Works

The specially designed harness fits the entire torso area much in the same way that a girl’s one-piece swimming suit would. It connects directly to an adjustable hip belt that is worn by an adult.

Additionally both adult and child wear a special sandal that is connected, so when the adult moves their foot, the child’s foot also moves.

By attaching both the child’s upper body and their feet directly to an adult, the child is able to experience every motion the adult creates. Including walking.

The Story Behind Upsee

Debby Elnatan, an Israeli mother whose son has cerebral palsy, created Upsee as a way for her own family to have opportunities to do things together that they normally wouldn’t have the chance to do.

One example of this, is that her son Daniel is able to kick around a ball with his brother Charlie in the yard instead of sitting on the sidelines.

The Future for Children with Motor Impairments

While Upsee is currently only being used and marketed towards parents who have children with motor limitations, that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be more in store for this product.

Much like our accessible vans help families get around from point A to point B, the Upsee could be used for rehabilitation purposes in the future. This could help children slowly rebuild muscles in their legs and learn to stand and walk again.

What do you think of this product? Is it something you could see yourself using for your children? Why or why not?

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