Inspirational Children’s Books About Wheelchair Users

When it came to summer reading lists for school, I was the only one out of my siblings that used to look forward to going to the library to pick up a few good books. I particularly loved the “choose your own book” assignments because I could search for books that really struck a chord with my personal interests.

Over time, I learned that books have such a wonderful impact on children, whether they realize it or not. There is quite literally a book for every type of person, and reading about certain issues is how children learn to cope with, understand and discover things about the world in which they live.

So today I think it is right to focus on a few notable books about wheelchairs that can be read to children who either use, or live with a parent/sibling who uses, a wheelchair. They are a wonderful way for parents to introduce the topic to their young ones and help them learn about why some people use wheelchairs and what they can learn from them.

We’ll start with some non-fiction


Written by the renowned Mr. Rogers, “Let’s Talk about It: Extraordinary Friends” is an excellent non-fiction book that confronts the awkward curiousness that many children feel when they encounter someone who uses a wheelchair. In his typical lighthearted and wise way, Mr. Rogers will help you talk to your children about this important issue.

Another great choice,  “Some Kids Use Wheelchairs” comes from a series of books about children with disabilities. The series has books about understanding why some children are deaf, blind, use leg braces or wheelchairs and more. The wide variety of topics they cover make them a perfect choice when talking to your children about the many children they will encounter in life.

Fiction is always a good choice as well


If you’re looking for a great take on a well known fairy tale, “Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair: An Empowering Fairy Tale” is a great retelling of the classic story from the point of view of a character who uses a wheelchair.

For more heroes who use a wheelchair, check out Robert Munsch’s “Zoom!”, which features a heroine who uses her ultra-fast dirt bike wheelchair to save her brother when he needs a quick trip to the hospital.

Who needs to look for mobility vans for sale when you have a wheelchair that can go 92 miles per hour?

Last on the list is the “Wendy on Wheels” series. These books, written by Angela Ruzicka feature a young girl who goes on a series of adventures (to the beach, the zoo and more) and often confronts trials that are familiar to wheelchair users. They are a great way to boost the confidence of young children.

What’s your favorite children’s book about people who use wheelchairs? Let us know in the comments below!

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