Clothing Line for Wheelchair Users

Trying on clothing is something that many people loathe. This is true for both able-bodied individuals and wheelchair users alike.

But, what many people don’t realize is the added difficulties that arise due to clothing for many wheelchair users. For example, seams and pockets rub against skin and cause sores. As well, adaptive clothing is limited and isn’t always as fashion conscious as regular clothing in department stores.

One entrepreneur is looking to change this and expand the clothing options available to wheelchair users.

One Man with an Idea

Travis Iverson, a 31-year-old Canadian, has used a wheelchair ever since he broke his neck in a diving accident roughly 10 years ago. It’s through his own personal frustration with fashionable clothing having an improper fit that he knew something needed to change.

Iverson looked to his next door neighbor, a seamstress, for assistance. With her help, Iverson was able to modify clothing he purchased from stores so that he could be comfortable and still look good.

Some modifications they made included adding in an extra piece of fabric to a jacket to make it more movable and comfortable. Another modification was replacing the seat of pants with a softer piece of fabric that would assist in alleviating pain from pressure sores.

The Clothing Line

Iverson is planning to use the modified clothing items he already has as prototypes for his new accessible clothing line. Iverson is hoping there is enough potential for the line, since there is such a big gap in the fashion industry and the number of people in wheelchairs is growing.

Much like we have wheelchair vans for sale, Iverson is hoping to bring something that’s needed to wheelchair users. The only thing Iverson is missing before he can get started selling is a name for the line.

What do you think of this new fashion line concept? Would modified clothing make a difference in your lifestyle? Comment below and let us know what you think!


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