Dogs Use Wheelchairs, Too

When you think about wheelchairs, what comes to mind?

Who do you think about?

Who do you imagine using them?

If you automatically thought of adults and children or even a specific person, then you’re probably with the majority of people who answer that question. But, did you know that dogs use wheelchairs, too?

Wheelchairs for Dogs

It’s not every day that you see a dog using a wheelchair, but they are more common than one would think.

That being said, we all know that wheelchairs and other accessible equipment can be costly. And, it’s no different when it comes to wheelchairs for dogs.

Online wheelchairs for dogs range anywhere from $200 to $700 based on the measurements and weight of each individual dog. That’s because, unlike standard wheelchairs for people, dog wheelchairs need to be custom fit to the dog they are assisting. Additionally, if a dog’s height, weight, and length change by more than an inch or so (and we all know how easily that can happen), they will need all new equipment.

Helping Dogs in Need

Recently, People Magazine shared the story of Texan Jerry West and his Rolling Dog Project in their Heroes Among Us segment.

His mission is to make wheelchairs for dogs that have suffered from car accidents, arthritis, and other illness. All for no charge to their owners!

He’s doing this because in 2010, his own dog Whitey lost her ability to walk due to cancer. He’d learned that dog wheelchairs could be a few hundred dollars and take a few weeks to arrive, so he built one himself.

His dog wheelchairs use heavy-duty plastic piping and lawnmower wheels. All items that can be found at a local hardware store, and don’t break the bank.

Now, West is bringing these same wheelchairs to dog owners across the United States who simply cannot afford one. He may not be manufacturing handicap vans, but through donations from non-recipients, he’s able to do all of this and give movement back to dogs and their owners.

Did you ever think wheelchairs for dogs could be so costly? Why or why not? What are your thoughts on what Jerry West is doing for dog owners? Comment below and let us know!


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