Exploring the Ocean with Susan Austin

The ocean: one of our planet’s greatest remaining mysteries.  With its seemingly endless depths and exotic life forms, some spend their entire lives trying to capture the ocean’s underwater glory.

Since we lack flippers, fins, and the ability to breath underwater, navigating the ocean deep can prove to be a challenge.  Thankfully, there are people up for the challenge.  People who don’t let a lack of certain “abilities” get in their way.

People like Susan Austin.

You see, Susan Austin is an artist, film-maker, and deep sea explorer.  Oh, and she’s been wheelchair bound since 1996.

Innovation for Exploration.

One of Susan’s latest projects has journeying through the ocean…in a wheelchair.

With the help of deep sea experts and engineers, Susan created a wheelchair powered by propellers and steer with fins attached to the sides.  Riding in this amazing piece of equipment, Susan is able to navigate the waters with grace and purpose.

She has taken the adventures she’s had in the ocean and turned them into a full art projected called “Creating the Spectacle”.

Finding Beauty. Creating Art.

Creating the Spectacle is part of the organization Freewheeling.  According to the official website, Freewheeling is:

“a disability led initiative focused on providing a ‘hub’ around which to foster integrated arts projects. We aim to allow ideas and artistic concepts to develop while maintaining an emphasis on promoting academic research that acts to reposition Disability Arts and the status of disabled artists within the arts and cultural sector.”

One of the focuses of Freewheeling is to find the beauty within the life of a person with disabilities.  To embrace it rather than look past it.

For more information on Susan Austin, make sure to visit her website here.  If you’d like to see some more of what Freewheeling is done, you can see their past projects here.  And for those who would like to see Susan explore the ocean, please watch the video below.

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