Government Urges for Sports Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Athletics are very important for students of all ages.  It teaches them the importance of teamwork and self discipline.  It shows them how to chase after a goal.  It gives them the joys of victory while helping them to move past defeat.

For some students, sports are the only thing that keep them in school or at least the only thing that gives them the motivation to pass their classes.  And that’s why it’s important for sports to be available to everyone, regardless of their physical condition.

Currently people with disabilities have the right to participate in sports, but some schools simply don’t provide much of an opportunity.  That is why the government sent out a 13 page document clearly outlining the specific rights and opportunities regarding athletics that are available to those with disabilities.

How It Works

For many schools, students with disabilities can engage in sports with little to no extra effort on the schools behalf.  In fact, there are thousands of students across the nation who participate regularly in the sports their school provides.

But for some schools, whether it’s because of the limited sports they offer or restrictions the sports put on who can participate, further action is required.  If they do not currently offer athletic opportunities for their students with disabilities, they are required to find either a work around or add new opportunities.

Why It’s So Important

As I said earlier, athletics are an important part of student life.  For the sake of equality, they need to be available to everyone.  But even beyond that, athletes with disabilities are on the rise.

This past summer, the 2012 London Paralympics had the highest viewership and exposure of any Paralympic games before it by quite a bit.  We’re reaching a point where these athletes are being known by name, even outside of the disabled community.

Competitive sports become a life focus for so many people who live with disabilities.  Sports opportunities in high school provide a great way for students to build towards a greater goal.

If they want to.

Even if they don’t imagine themselves being center stage at the Paralympics, high school sports are a great place for a student to learn, grow, and develop.

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