Happy Fourth of July from Rollx Vans

Did you know that America actually declared it’s independence on July 2nd?

It was on July 2nd, 1776 that the Second Continental Congress voted to declare this country independent from Great Britain.  John Adams predicted that it would be this day, not the 4th, that would become one of the most important days in American History.

In a technical sense, July 2nd is arguably the most important day in this country’s history.  However, it is ultimately July 4th that we Americans remember most.  It was of course on the Fourth of July, 1776 that the physical Declaration of Independence was approved and signed.

Truth be told, there is actually some debate as to what date the document was actually signed by everyone on.  Nevertheless, the Declaration of Independence has gone on to become the most famous document in this nation’s history.

While John Adam’s might have been off on the exact date, he was right about one thing.  This country will always remember and celebrate its independence and freedom.

Freedom and independence are very important to us at Rollx Vans.  They’re very much a part of why we do what we do.  By making customized wheelchair accessible vans, we are able to provide a certain amount of freedom and independence to a person that they might not otherwise have.

From basic mobility to glorious adventure, our wheelchair vans take passengers hundreds of thousands of miles every year.  And that’s something we are very proud of.

We hope you all have a great Fourth of July.  We hope you have a moment to enjoy the freedoms which this country provides.  Be thankful for the things you have while forgetting about the things you don’t.  If you happen to be using one of our vans during your vacation plans, we are overjoyed to share in this special day with you.

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