How Anyone Can Afford an Accessible Van

Accessible vans, like any major purchase in a person’s life, take a bit of financial planning in order to afford. Most people do not pay in full when purchasing a car, and that doesn’t have to create a roadblock for anyone who is looking to own one of our handicap vans.

In fact, there are many ways in which you can get ahold of one of our vans. From funding to financing, you can start investing in your handicap van without losing your entire savings by paying in full.

All it takes is a bit of planning, organization and persistence.

Consider Buying a Used Van

Sure, it may be nice to drive off the lot in a brand new van, but sometimes that just isn’t in the cards for many customers.

There is a large misconception among consumers that used vehicles are old clunkers that break down as often as they are driven. Nothing is farther from the truth. Our selection of used wheelchair vans is filled with reliable vans that have been treated with the utmost care.

They are a reliable options for consumers when new vans are financially out of the question.

Check Out Our Financing Plans

No one expects you to walk into our dealer and plop a large pile of cash down on the table, then drive off the lot with your brand new van.

If you have that ability, good for you! We however, understand that this is not the case for many people. That’s why we here at Rollx Vans have set up an amazing financing program that can help you spread out the payments you make on your van, allowing you to pay if off over time without having to completely revamp your financial plans for the future.

It’s the perfect way to ensure that your get the van that you need.

Look for Grants

Believe it or not, there are several ways in which you can get the funds that you need in order to help you pay for your wheelchair van. You can search, both locally and nationally, for non-profit organizations that can help you get the funding you need.

You only need to apply for them.

The important thing to remember when applying for a grant is to be patient, organized and persistent. Many organizations receive thousands of applications for grants every year, so they may not respond to yours straight away. So be patient and keep an organized file of where you have applied and check back with them periodically.

Before applying, make sure that you have a detailed file of your medical history and any other materials that the organization requires for their application process.

Do you have any financial concerns about purchasing a wheelchair van? Give us a call at (952) 890-7851 and we will be glad to put your mind at ease!

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